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KFC’s New Whole Pork Belly Chicken Burger

One of the new trends that seems to be sweeping the fast-food chains here in South Korea is the use of very thick cut pork belly on their burgers. The first one that I saw doing it was Burger King, but KFC Korea has now thrown their hat into the ring with their ‘Hot Whole Pork Belly Burger’.

The website for KFC Korea says that the burger has a spicy sauce that soaks into juicy, real, whole pork belly. This certainly sounds intriguing, so I decided to go to one of the KFC’s in Ulsan to pick one up and give it a try.

Getting to the location was pretty easy, and there were a few adverts for the Hot Whole Pork Belly Burger in the shop.

In addition to the burger, I got some Cajun Fries and a Coke to go with it.

After a short wait, I was back in the car to drive home and then give this interesting burger a go!

The Hot Whole Pork Belly Burger is advertised as coming with a thick chicken patty, the thick cut pork belly, raw onions, lettuce, and some spicy sauces, all packaged on a brioche bun.

The burger itself comes in a box, and then there is paper envelope for the burger as well.

Taking it out, I prepared it on a cutting board for a nice cross section.

Cutting the Hot Whole Pork Belly Burger, it looked a little underwhelming. The chicken patty was quite thick, and the pork belly was indeed thicker than the usual bacon that is put on burgers here, put compared to the advertisements, it wasn’t exactly a monument.

Of course, the most important thing is how it tastes, and after plating everything up, it was time to dig in.

The Cajun Fries were a bit soft and soggy, but this was because of the 25-minute drive home from the KFC location. The flavor was still good, and I am still impressed compared to regular fries that other places sell.

The Hot Whole Pork Belly Burger was quite tasty. The pork belly, while not as thick as the images, was very tasty! It had a really great crispy texture, and the flavor was rich and smokey. The chicken patty was the usual slightly spicy KFC with a nice crunchy exterior.

The sauces on the burger were also nice, and actually quite spicy, with more heat than I usually experience on fast-food fare. The veg was not overly impressive, although the onions were nice and crisp.

The bun didn’t seem like it was a brioche bun, even though the packaging says that it should be. Perhaps they were out and the substituted, or maybe there was just a change in the way they decided to make it.

The Hot Whole Pork Belly Burger was, in the end, a nice, tasty burger. The thick cut pork belly was delicious and made for an interesting compliment to the chicken patty. I would definitely recommend this item, if you can get past the slightly pricy nature of the burger, as it is almost 8,000 won.

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