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Kenco Ice/Hot Vanilla Latte

Convenience is such a common thing these days. From next day delivery to all our meals arriving at our door hot and fresh in less than half an hour, it’s very easy to find things that we can enjoy quickly.

That’s why when one of my gift boxes included some instant Kenco Vanilla Latte mix, I was more than happy to give it a try.

The Kenco Ice/Hot Vanilla Latte come with 8 sticks.

The back of the box recommends mixing 200 ml of water with one pouch. The company also recommends doing a lot of stirring to make the Kenco Ice/Hot Vanilla Latte smooth and silky.

I put a single package’s contents into a mug, and then added some hot water.

After lots of stirring, the Kenco Ice/Hot Vanilla Latte was ready.

The drink was very foamy, and the bubbles looked so interesting and fascinating.

The Kenco Ice/Hot Vanilla Latte is not overly sweet and has a slightly burnt sugar taste to it along with the vanilla flavour. The vanilla is not too strong as well and blends well with the other flavours.

The Kenco Ice/Hot Vanilla Latte is also very creamy and smooth, almost silky even just like the box suggests. I must have really stirred it a lot!

I think that you could do a lot worse than the Kenco Ice/Hot Vanilla Latte for a quick packaged coffee. The flavours are nice, and the texture is very enjoyable.

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