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It’s Latte Maple Vanilla Latte

One of the best parts about winter coming is when the leaves change color in autumn. In South Korea we do have some trees where the leaves change, including some maple trees. While the colors don’t compare to the photos I have seen of the maples in North America, there is some great scenery to look at.

I was very excited when I saw a Maple Vanilla Latte at the local store. I had never seen it before in Korea, and I do enjoy the flavors of both maple and vanilla and mixing them with coffee sounded like a really tempting combination.

When I got home, I took a look at the package. I have to say, It’s Latte has done a great job with the packaging. The swirls of what is probably supposed to be maple syrup on the latte on the front looks so enticing.

The top also looks like some wonderful latte art, which was a little bit sad because it is just a picture and you know that the actual product won’t look like that when you open it.

After opening the package, a rather muddy looking beverage was awaiting me.

I poured it in to a mug to get a better understanding of the consistency of the Maple Vanilla Latte. As I watched it go into the mug, it looked a lot like a thick chocolate milk.

Now, I am no stranger to the flavor of maple and vanilla. I use them in cooking (and I know that some people dislike using vanilla extract and prefer vanilla beans) and maple syrup for pancakes.

That’s why I was disappointed when I tried the Maple Vanilla Latte from It’s Latte. The taste is not very impressive, and there is no hints of maple or vanilla. It reminded me a lot of Irish Cream at first, which is not a bad flavor, but when you were expecting something very different, it can be disappointing. The drink is quite sweet as well, so if you are not interested in sweet coffee, then it might not be for you.

Overall, I would not buy the Maple Vanilla Latte again. It’s not bad but it certainly didn’t taste like it should based on the label on the front.

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