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It’s Hot! Cool Down with Starbucks New Summer Drinks

Entering August, it has been a pretty cool summer in my part of South Korea, although that has not always been the case for other parts of the country, and certainly not other places around the world.

That’s why it’s a good thing that as the weather is reaching a high point in my city, that Starbucks has introduced some new cool drinks for the summer time!

There are three new chilled drinks on the menu, and I recently tried two of them. The two that I tried were the Jeju Green Tangerine Limeade and the Cool Summer Chamomile Blended.

I had already ordered on the app, so when I entered the store my drinks were waiting for me.

Taking a look at them, the Jeju Green Tangerine Limeade looked very nice, with cool blue and green-orange colours making their way up the glass.

The Cool Summer Chamomile Blended was much more plain-looking, and was mostly just a white colour.

I took a sip of the Cool Summer Chamomile Blended. It was a bit bitter at the top, and had a very strong chamomile taste. It is supposed to have a hint of pine tree taste to it, so I stirred it up to see if it would change the flavor of the drink.

It did taste better after mixing, and the chamomile flavor was less strong, although I still didn’t notice any pine taste.

This drink was very cold, and I suffered from some severe brain freezes while drinking it, so I definitely recommend going slow and steady with this drink.

Next I tried the Jeju Green Tangerine Limeade. The top part of the drink, which was the blue section, tasted excellent! It had a really nice lemonade flavor to it, and I honestly would have drank a cup of just that portion.

Then, I put the straw down to the bottom, where there was some green tangerine jelly, apparently made from the tangerines that are grown on our wonderful Jeju Island.

This jelly was quite sweet and tangy, with just a bit of tartness to it.

I decided to mix this up to see the colours change, although there wasn’t much happening in that area.

The taste with the two portions mixed was okay, but for me not as good as the limeade portion. It did make the tart and sweet flavours mix, so it became a much more balanced drink.

The two drinks were definitely refreshing, and the Jeju Green Tangerine Limeade drink was my favourite by far.

There is also a third drink available, the Mugwort Cream Frappuccino with Cold Brew, but as this has matcha in it, I decided not to try it. It certainly does seem interesting, so maybe that is worth a shot if you’re near a Starbucks in South Korea and need a cool drink to beat the heat!

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