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Is this Greece? – Santorini Café in Changwon

While taking another trip to Changwon to experience some American cuisine, I of course had to try another café to see if the coffee was as good as the place I had visited the last time I was there.

While walking around the neighborhood, I saw an interesting looking café located in the sub-basement of a building called Santorini Café. The wonderful blue color that was reminiscent of a clear Greek ocean called out to me, and I decided to go in and check out the coffee.

Entering Café Santorini I was greeted by the kind barista, who directed me toward the menu to help me choose something delicious.

I ended up deciding on a café latte, and proceed to look around the shop to see all the interesting decorations and adornments that are in the shop.

And let me tell you, Café Santorini is chocked full of wonderful knick-knacks and other items, many of which are meant to remind you of the Greek island after which the café is named.

Café Santorini has a wide range of very fancy mugs, ranging from the ornate to the sturdy (more on this later).

There are also wonderful trinkets on display…

Some really nice tables and cushions…

And even some art on the walls, again reminding one of the island in the Aegean.

Café Santorini even has a self-service station to make toast, and they include butter and jam for you if those are the toppings of your choice for a nice slice of bread!

When my café latte was ready, I went up to the counter and picked it up. Sitting down, I could feel the weight of the cup and saucer immediately.

Decorated with a replica of Van Gogh’s “The Starry Night”, the mug was beautiful, and also very heavy!

While the mug was wonderful, it was the liquid inside that I was most curious about!

The top of my café latte looked gorgeous, with two small hearts and an apple pattern in the latte art!

In fact, the latte art looked so amazing to me, I was a little sad when I had to take my first sip.

Despite my trepidation in ruining the top, it was definitely worth it. The café latte at Café Santorini has a really good flavor! The blend of milk and espresso is very well balanced, and allows you to taste the coffee very clearly.

The espresso blend that Café Santorini was using on that day was very nice. It was smooth with a comfortable aftertaste, a little bitter and with no acidity to speak of. There was also a hint of nut tones in the blend which went very well with the steamed milk.

I really enjoyed my café latte at Café Santorini. The shop itself is eclectically decorated, and yet feels comfortable and welcoming. The staff was also very nice, and to top it off, the coffee that I had was great! If you are in Changwon, Café Santorini is a great place to stop in and relax for a cup of coffee.

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