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Indonesian Mandheling Coffee From Lotte Cantata

While shopping recently, I noticed a giant bag of coffee beans that were at a good price, and since I didn’t have any ground coffee at home, I decided to pick up the bag.

The beans were of the Indonesian Mandheling variety, but they had been packaged by the Lotte Company under their Cantata umbrella of products.

The beans come in a monstrous 1-kilogram bag. One of the things that caught my eye was the packaging, which is ornately decorated with a light-blue base, and a tiger watching from the jungle on the top of the bag.

When I finally had the chance to try the coffee, I set up my grinder and used a leftover coffee can to put the grinds in. I could have ground the coffee every time I needed some, but given the size of the bag, I decided to do a lot at one time.

The beans smelled rich and earthy after I opened the bag, which actually was a little bit tough to cut, as the material was very strong!

Grinding the beans, I was anticipating the wonderful taste of the coffee. Having the wonderful aroma of freshly ground coffee filling my apartment was certainly a great feeling.

After finishing grinding part of the bag, I loaded up my coffee machine and let the dripping commence.

After a few minutes, it was time to pour the coffee into my mugs. Choosing my Krispy Screams mugs for today, I slowly filled the mugs.

The Mandheling coffee was very nice. It was a definite dark roast, and it had a really nice full body to it. The aftertaste was not particularly strong and didn’t linger too long on the tongue. The coffee was also not overly bitter, which was nice because a lot of dark roasts tend to have a bitter flavor to them.

The flavor of this Mandheling coffee was filled with wood notes, although I could taste a little bit of a spice tone in the coffee was well.

With the low acidity of the coffee, this was definitely a mug of coffee that I really enjoyed. This is a good thing for me, because with a kilo beans, it would be a real struggle to get through all the coffee if I didn’t enjoy it!

I really enjoyed this Indonesian Mandheling coffee, and I will of course be drinking it again!

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