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In 7th Heaven with 7th Street Pizza

Sometimes it really amazes me at just how many different pizza chains that exist in South Korea. What’s even more amazing is just how many that I haven’t had a chance to visit.

That’s why when I had a chance to visit a pizza chain, 7th Street Pizza, that I had never tried before, I knew that I had to jump at the opportunity. Boasting of 7 keys to a delicious meal, I just hoped that 7th Street Pizza would live up to their goals.

The location that I visited was a little bit away from me, so I had to drive there, and just my luck it was a rainy, miserable day!

After finding some parking, I went to the store. I was greeted warmly when I entered, and then I took a look at the menu.

There are a lot of items on the menu at 7th Street Pizza, so it was a tough decision.

In the end, I decided to try a variety called ‘Hongdae Pizza’, which features four distinct sections with different toppings. I also decided to add a ricotta cheese ring in the outside of the crust. I figured that while I was there, I would also try their 4-piece Fire Wings, to see if they would be spicy enough for me!

After a short wait, my pizza was ready, and I picked it up along with some Coke and a special dipping sauce that they sell, the Horseradish-Yogurt sauce.

While driving home, the pizza and the wings smelled really great and I was getting really hungry. Fortunately, the drive wasn’t too bad despite the weather, and I was home and ready to unpack the big bag of food.

I quickly unpacked the bag, and put some pizza and wings on my plate, ready to tuck in and enjoy the hopefully tasty pizza and chicken.

The first thing I tried was the Fire Wings. These were excellent, with a nice smokey barbecue flavor to them, as well as a decent kick in the spice department.

The wings were juicy, but they were a little on the small side. As I mentioned, there are only four pieces in an order, and the wings themselves were not the meatiest.

Next, I decided to try the four different types of pizza.

The first one I tasted was a barbecued chicken flavor. This section of the pizza came with the spicy chicken, some onions, and lots of cheese on top. There were a few other ingredients as well, mostly leaking over from the other sections.

The spicy chicken part of the pizza was fine. The chicken was pretty substantial, and the flavor was good. One thing I did notice as I was eating was that the tomato sauce that 7th Street Pizza uses is a little spicy as well, and not a salty or sweet sauce which is common here.

Next up, I tried the pumpkin pizza. That’s right, there was a big pile of pumpkin mousse on top of the pizza! This particular quarter of the pizza was my least favorite, which was a bit of a shame. It had bacon, pepperoni, and salami, but the large amount of pumpkin was very strange as well as overpowering in flavor. The other ingredients were great, but the pumpkin was something that I am not a fan of.

Third was a steak pizza, with red peppers, pepperoni, and onions. This one was my favorite and had the best flavor. The combination of red bell peppers and steak, along with the other ingredients, was very tasty! The steak was cooked well, and also seasoned exceptionally well.

The last section to try was a potato based one. This had not only roasted, cubed potatoes, but also a fair-sized dollop of mashed potatoes on top, which was another unusual topping. This potato-based quarter was also quite tasty, as the addition of bacon and pepperoni made it very good. Also, the roasted potatoes were delicious, and the mashed potatoes, while strange for pizza, did not have a strong flavor like the pumpkin mousse, and so were fine.

I mentioned before that I had added a ricotta cheese ring to the pizza, and this part was my favorite. While it didn’t look too much like ricotta, cheese, with the bright orange color, it was flavorful, savory, and made eating the crust amazing!

One other thing that I had purchased was the Horseradish-Yogurt sauce. This was also very good, and I really liked the kick that the horseradish gave. It took the pizza up to another level every time I did some dipping. The yogurt part of the sauce was a bit unusual, but it worked well.

The pickles that 7th Street Pizza add to each order also deserve mention. Besides coming in a special container, they also are not nearly as sweet as the pickles most pizza chains throw-in, and they were also much more crunchy than other pickles, making them much closer to a dill pickle than a sweet pickle.

The Hongdae Pizza from 7th Street Pizza was pretty good, although I think that if the best parts were put together, and some of the more unusual toppings were removed, it would end up being absolutely phenomenal.

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