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Grizzly Burger Diner Makes A Great Burger

It was quite a while ago when I wrote a review of some nice Mexican based food that was being served at a small location here in Ulsan, South Korea.

Sadly, that restaurant is no longer around. However, in the same location is an absolutely fabulous burger joint, Grizzly Burger Diner!

This restaurant was originally in a different part of the city, but it has moved to a new location, not far from Ulsan’s famous Grand Park.

I had heard about Grizzly Burger Diner from a few people, and I decided to stop in and see if it was really as good as they said it was.

Grizzly Burger Diner is eclectically decorated, and it has a few small tables and stools at which to sit and enjoy your meal.

The menu is simple, and reflective, so it was hard to get a picture of it.

After looking at it, I decided to order a Double Cheese Bacon Combo, and a Grizzly Burger as well to try a very decadent burger and their namesake burger.

While I was waiting, I chatted briefly with the owner, and he seemed very friendly, which is always a bonus, especially when visiting a non-chain franchise.

My food didn’t take long to be ready, and I was very impressed by what I saw when I got it from the counter.

When I chose my combo, I had added some Cajun fries as opposed to regular fries, and I have to say that the Cajun fries were pretty good.

They were nice and crispy, with just the right oil flavor to them.

They also went really well with some ketchup added to them.

After trying the fries, it was burger time.

First up, the Grizzly Burger.

Now, Grizzly Burger Diner toasts their buns on the grill, and the taste of butter on the bread is evident. The bread was also very fresh tasting, and generously covered with sesame seeds.

The meat was excellent! It was grilled to perfection, and had a wonderful seasoning and flavor to it. It definitely tasted fresh and was very noticeable despite the toppings on the burger.

The Grizzly Burger comes with lettuce, tomato, cheese, and onions. All of the veggies were very fresh, and the cheese was nicely melted on the top of the patty.

I really enjoyed the Grizzly Burger. The balance between bread, meat, and vegetables was excellent, and it was so tasty.

Next, I tried the Double Cheese Bacon.

This burger comes with 2 meat patties, Jack cheese, cheddar cheese, grilled onions, pickles, and of course, bacon.

Now, the Double Cheese Bacon is a very decadent burger. It is rich, and really tasty!

The bacon on the burger is thick and juicy, and the cheese is gooey and stringy. Having the two different flavours of cheese also makes for a nice contrast in different bites.

The pickles on the Double Cheese Bacon were tangy, and the fried onions were nicely cooked.

One thing I found though was that the Double Cheese Bacon was a real challenge to finish. It was so rich and heavy that I struggled to finish it. The first few bites of this burger were absolutely fabulous, but then it became harder and harder to enjoy. I think in hindsight, ordering a single one would have been better.

Overall, Grizzly Burger Diner makes a mean burger, and I really enjoyed my lunch there. With great bread, fresh meat and veg, and friendly service, I definitely want to go back to Grizzly Burger Diner.

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