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Garlic Goodness at McDonald’s Korea

McDonald’s Korea has recently been experimenting with some new flavours under their “Taste of Korea” concept. They have introduced a pork burger, and now they have brought back a garlic laden burger, the Changnyeong Garlic Burger.

The Changnyeong Garlic Burger comes with crushed garlic, a garlic aioli for extra flavor, mayonnaise, cheese, tomatoes, lettuce, and two patties.

I decided to go to one of the local stores here in Ulsan to give it a try, and see if it was worth all the hype it has been getting.

After getting to the restaurant, I went up to the touchscreen kiosk and started to place my order.

After picking the Changnyeong Garlic Burger, I added some French fries, and a new drink, a Lemon McFizz with Coke. I also decided to try a new side item, the Chicken Tomato Snack Wrap.

The number of patrons in the store was quite small, although there was a bit of a line for the drive-thru so it took a bit of time for my order to be ready.

Taking a look at my tray, it was quite loaded, although the burger and snack wrap didn’t look that large.

Opening up the wrapper of the Chicken Tomato Snack Wrap, it really did look quite underwhelming.

The Chicken Tomato Snack Wrap comes with a chicken tender, tomato, lettuce, and a spicy onion sauce.

It didn’t taste too bad. The chicken tender was crispy, and the vegetables were fresh. The onion sauce was a bit spicy, but added a nice flavor to the wrap.

Overall, the Chicken Tomato Snack Wrap had a good taste, but it was very small. Not getting some chicken in each bite was a bit disappointing.

Next I tried the Changnyeong Garlic Burger.

You can actually see the crushed garlic oozing out from the edge of the burger.

Taking my first bite, it was certainly an unusual taste. Having crushed garlic on a burger (or any food for that matter) is quite different, as it is very pungent and strong tasting.

Amazingly, the Changnyeong Garlic Burger was tasty. The mixture of flavours works well together, and the garlic is both tangy and sweet. I could actually see trying it again, as the combination of tastes was good.

Finally, there was the Lemon McFizz with Coke that I had to drink. This is basically a coke with lemon syrup mixed in.

Sadly, all the lemon syrup was at the bottom, and it was very hard to mix it all together to get a proper taste.

The lemon syrup was quite tart and tangy, and had a nice strong lemon taste. Of course the coke portion was the usual.

I found that my meal was overall quite delicious. While I wish the Chicken Tomato Snack Wrap was a bit bigger, the Changnyeong Garlic Burger was a nifty experience, and having 100% locally sourced garlic being added really made it feel like a taste of Korea.

I would definitely recommend trying the Changnyeong Garlic Burger if you get the chance, as it is a unique concept that I haven’t had anywhere else.

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