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Fresh Burgers at Mango Party Burger

Recently, I was out shopping for groceries and realized that dinner time was coming up. Choosing between driving home and cooking or going someplace to eat out was difficult, but in the end going out was the winner!

After quickly consulting the restaurants in the area, I found a burger restaurant that I hadn’t tried yet, called Mango Party Burger.

Using my navigation, I was able to finally find the location, as it was in a very small alley, and the shop was not very large.

The location looked nice from the outside, so I decided to give it a try.

Inside, the shop had a few small chairs and tables, and most of the location was taken up by the cooking space. I could tell that this was definitely going to be a take-out day.

After greeting the staff, I took a look at the menu.

I wasn’t really feeling like French fries, so I decided to get two burgers to share with my partner. After a quick discussion, we picked up an Original Cheeseburger and an Onion Bacon Burger, with the total coming to just under 15,000 won ($13).

Mango Party Burger had a nice collection of stickers on the exhaust fan,

And also a slew of photos of the many different burgers that have been made there over the years.

The restaurant uses fresh beef, as well as fresh vegetables to garnish the meat.

I have to say, that getting a nose-full of the deliciously grilling beef, especially after the cheese was put on top, was absolutely heavenly!

After the order was ready and wrapped up, the nice staff member gave us a free bottle of Pepsi to enjoy with our burgers, and it was off to the car to try out the food!

The two burgers came in their own paper bags and each bag had a tag on it to tell us which one was which, so that there was no confusion.

The two burgers looked great in their bags.

Here’s the Onion Bacon Burger:

And this is the Original Cheeseburger:

Both came with lettuce and tomatoes, and there were some sauces on the top as well. The Onion Bacon Burger had a spicy sauce, and the Original Cheeseburger had a slightly less spicy sauce!

Trying the Onion Bacon Burger first, the beef was nicely cooked, being not too raw, but not overcooked either. I didn’t notice a lot of seasoning on the meat, and the bacon and spicy sauce, plus the onions, made for the majority of the flavor.

Next, I tried the Original Cheeseburger.

This was not quite as good as the Onion Bacon Burger, although the end of it, when there was only meat and cheese, was tasty!

While the burgers at Mango Party Burger weren’t bad, there were some improvements that I thought could be made. The buns were not the freshest, and the spicy sauce was a little overpowering in its flavor. The meat was definitely fresh and the burgers handmade but they could have used some more seasoning.

In a pinch, Mango Party Burger is fine for a meal, but I can’t say that I would seek it out to eat there again.

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