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Fresh and Tasty Burgers From John Martin’s Burger

While doing some nature touring around the south coast of Korea, I found myself a fair distance from Ulsan and found myself being very hungry. As I was near the city of Yeosu, a place I had never been before, I took a quick search of the internet and found a burger spot, called John Martin’s Burger, that had a good rating from others.

It didn’t take too long to find the location and the I was little unimpressed with the outside of the restaurant, as it was quite simple and plain.

Entering through the door though, the smell of grilling beef immediately hit me, and I began to get incredibly hungry.

I quickly took a look at the menu and decided that I would get two different burgers and drinks. The first burger I chose was their most basic one, the Cheeseburger, and for the second I went with what looked like the most fancy, the Jalapeno Cream Cheese burger.

The location is quite small, and there is only a small area of indoor seating, so I got the order to go.

Watching the three workers, it looked very streamlined. There was one person grilling the meat and cook the fries, one person taking orders and preparing the vegetables, and the third person dressing the burgers and wrapping them.

The burgers are cooked from fresh ground beef, and John Martin’s Burger uses the smashburger technique, where the meat is pushed down, allowing it to cook quickly and give it a nice crispy exterior.

The staff is very efficient, and my order was ready very quickly and in less than 10 minutes I was out the door.

Going outside, I found a little shaded seating area about 100 meters away, with no one around, so I thought it would be a great place to enjoy my burgers.

I had even received an extra drink for making a takeout order, and the bag looked nice and heavy as I sat down.

The burgers were nicely wrapped with a small plastic covering to make sure that the ingredients weren’t spilled all over, and the burgers looked great even after being wrapped.

The first one I looked at was the Cheeseburger. This one was topped with lots of fresh vegetables including lettuce, tomatoes, and onions.

The second burger, the Jalapeno Cream Cheese burger had bacon, tomatoes, lettuce, as well as a generous amount of sliced jalapenos, and a VERY thick slice of cream cheese.

Trying the Cheeseburger, it was so tasty. The meat was flavorful, well-seasoned, and worked well with the cheese and the other ingredients. The veggies were crisp and clean tasting, and provided a great combination. There is also a special sauce, with was delicious, called Martin sauce.

The Jalapeno Cream Cheese burger was also very flavorful. The cream cheese of course was creamy, and made for a nice blend with the jalapenos. The bacon was well cooked with a nice salty flavor. The burger was also made with a ranch sauce, but I didn’t really notice this when I was eating.

The one thing that I found is that for the Jalapeno Cream Cheese burger is that the beef itself was not noticeable in the mix. In fact, it wasn’t until I was almost finished and eating the end of the burger that I noticed the tasty meat.

For this reason, I preferred the Cheeseburger to the Jalapeno Cream Cheese burger, for being able to really enjoy the beef flavor in the former sandwich.

That being said, you can’t go wrong with either of these items from John Martin’s Burger. The meat is fresh, the veg is great, and the specialty burger is also a great mix of spicy, salty, and savory. If I’m ever back in Yeosu, I will definitely going back for more!

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