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Fresh and Healthy Sandwiches at San-chi-hae

A few weeks ago, I was traveling to a beautiful mountain area near the city of Gumi. After spending some time admiring the mountain, including a wonderful waterfall, I realized that it was lunch time and I felt quite hungry.

After looking at some of the options that appeared on the local search engine, I found a sandwich shop, San-chi-hae, which was quite close to where I had parked, and it looked like a pretty healthy option to have.

It did take a little work to find the shop, as it was quite small and down a side street. After a bit of walking, I found the location.

It looked quite bright and clean, and the inside was nicely decorated with plants and signs.

The menu had a nice variety of options on it, and it took me a few minutes to choose which ones I wanted to buy.

In the end, I decided to choose a Chicken Tender Sandwich, and a Wasa Cremi (wasabi and crab meat) Sandwich.

The owner already had a few delivery orders to make, and as every sandwich is made at the time of order there were none prepared it took a fair few minutes to get my order ready.

After about 20 minutes, my sandwiches were ready, and I was off to a local park to enjoy the sandwiches.

San-Chi-hae provides a nice hefty sandwich, with lots of veg to give a fresh feeling.

The first one I tried was the Chicken Tender Sandwich.

This sandwich came with lots of lettuce, tomatoes, onions, mayonnaise, honey-mustard sauce, and a generous amount of chicken tenders. In fact, there were 3 full chicken tenders on the sandwich!

Biting in, I noticed that the honey-mustard was definitely playing a big role in the taste of the sandwich. The chicken tenders were freshly cooked, so there were hot, and it provided a great contrast with the crisp and cool lettuce, and the fresh, juicy, tomatoes.

I did enjoy the Chicken Tender Sandwich, and I thought it was nicely balanced.

Next, it was time to try the Wasi Cremi Sandwich. Crab meat is quite popular here in South Korea, and is a common addition to fried rice or to kimbab.

The Wasi Cremi Sandwich came with the same vegetables, but also had two different types of cheese as well as the crab salad with wasabi mixed in with the mayonnaise.

This sandwich was definitely my favorite, and it had a nice spicy kick to it from the wasabi. The cheese added a bit of saltiness to the sandwich. The crab meat tasted pretty fresh, and the mixture was very creamy, which also provided a contrast to the lettuce and tomatoes.

I have to say I really enjoyed the sandwiches from San-chi-hae. One thing I will say is that the bread was not very impressive, and given that it is a major portion of any sandwich, I think it definitely could have been better. The bread seemed like it was store bought and came in a giant bag, as it was just plain white bread and was a bit dry.

San-chi-hae has a nice menu, some very fresh veg, and fantastic flavors. If they were able to have some special breads to add to the mix, they would be creating some truly brilliant sandwiches.

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