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Enjoying the Azure Ocean at Azzuro Mare Café

One of the great things about enjoying a cup of coffee and some dessert can be the amazing views and vistas that are around us while we eat.

Living near the ocean, it seems as though there is no shortage of great cafes to relax at and see the coast and waves crashing against the beach.

Recently, a new café, Azzuro Mare, has opened near my place, and last weekend I had the chance to go and check it out.

The café itself is huge! It has three floors, lots of parking space, and even a nice outdoor sitting area.

Best of all, it has a nice view of the ocean!

As you enter Azzuro Mare, you can see the barista area.

There is also a banner advertising hand-made pizza.

There is also a large area with lots of baked goods and cakes to choose from.

The menu is actually quite small at the counter, but this is because there are touch screen menus on every table!

The first thing I did was choose two different desserts to enjoy.

The first one was the Mare Caramel Salt Bread.

And the second one was the Mare Garlic Sausage Bread.

I also decided to get a Café Latte and a Vanilla Latte to accompany my baked goods.

The order was ready quite quickly, and I headed up to the second floor to the outdoor seating area to try the coffees and bread.

First, I sat for a few minutes in the warm sun, and just enjoyed the ocean.

Finally, I decided it was time to tuck in and enjoy my treats!

I started with the Mare Garlic Sausage Bread.

This had a nice thick sausage in the middle, and was covered with a creamy garlic butter.

Interestingly, the garlic butter was quite sweet, and this made for a unique taste.

I didn’t mind this bread, although the sweet garlic butter was a bit disappointing as I was hoping for something a bit more savory.

Next, I tried the Mare Caramel Salt Bread.

This was very sweet, and the amount of caramel to enjoy was huge.

One thing I liked about the Mare Caramel Salt Bread was that the peanuts added some interesting texture, and also the bread was crispy on the outside but soft on the inside to add even more texture.

There was also an unidentifiable cream on the inside.

The Mare Caramel Salt Bread was okay for the first few bites, but it quickly became too sweet to enjoy. I would definitely recommend sharing this with a friend!

Finally, it was time to try the coffees.

There was some nice latte art on each one.

The café latte was a bit bland, and there wasn’t really any coffee taste to it at all, and it was rather like warm milk.

The vanilla latte was overly sweet, and again there was no coffee taste to it at all. Also, the vanilla flavour was not really noticeable, just more of a sugary taste.

While Azzuro Mare has an interesting location, and a very large space to enjoy coffee and dessert, or pizza, (including having a grand piano!), I was disappointed in the fare. Perhaps it was because the café is just opening, and perhaps it will get better in the future, but for now it might be worthwhile finding another location in Ulsan to relax and enjoy the seaside.

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