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Enjoying a St. Louis Burger from Johnny Rockets

One day while shopping recently at an outlet mall, lunch time suddenly came upon me, and I was feeling quite hungry.

I went to the food court, and after looking around at all the different options, I decided that a burger and fries was just the thing I wanted to have that day.

In the outlet, there is only one place that sells hamburgers, and that is Johnny Rockets. This brand is not very common in South Korea, and I think that there are only a few locations in the country.

After looking at the regular menu, I didn’t see anything that really caught my fancy, but then I noticed a special sign advertising some old favorites.

Seeing a burger named the St. Louis Burger that came with fries and a coke for just under 14,000 won, I decided to give it a try as it looked very good on the picture.

After ordering, I got the buzzer and sat down at a table to wait for my order to be ready. It took a few minutes, but it was finally done and I went up to get it.

The food looked really good!

One thing I noticed was that the workers had made a small smiley face out of the ketchup, which actually came in a little dish.

The first thing I tried was the French fries.

They looked quite good, as they had parts of the skin on, and they tasted quite crispy with just enough salt. I really like fries with the skin on, and these were fresh with not a lot of oil on them as well.

Next, I tried the burger. The St. Louis Burger came with lettuce, bacon, grilled onions, a white cheese, and mayonnaise on it.

It had been pre-cut by the staff, so it was very easy to get a good cross section of the burger.

I was very impressed by the melted cheese!

Also, it looked like the bun had been buttered and lightly toasted, which was sure to add to the flavor.

Taking a bite, the burger was a bit spicy, which was not a bad thing, as long as you like that sort of thing.

The beef tasted fresh, and the bacon was pretty well cooked. The lettuce was crisp, and the grilled onions had a really nice flavor to them.

The St. Louis burger was pretty good! It had a good blend of ingredients and provided a number of different textures and flavors throughout. If you are not prepared for a bit of heat, then you might be surprised when you get it. One thing I did notice is that for the price the amount of meat was a bit underwhelming.

That being said, I enjoyed my lunch at Johnny Rockets near Busan, and it really helped to fuel me for a fun afternoon of window shopping!

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