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Egg Salad PLUS a Hamburger??? The New 88 Seoul Beef Burger at McDonalds Korea

When I was young, my family would often take trips around Korea, and as we were driving, we would often have to stop at highway rest stops to take a break as the time to get some place could often be quite long.

One of the treats for me and my brothers was to have a hamburger when we visited one of the highway rest stops. Now, in the mid 1980s, the hamburgers that people used to get are very, VERY, different from the ones that we can get here in South Korea now.

In fact, when I was younger, I had eaten hamburgers with carrots and cabbage on them, or raisins, or even strawberry jam and a slice of ham included!

It’s hard to remember all the different varieties that we ate back in the past, but McDonalds Korea has just put out a new hamburger that is meant to make people here in South Korea think of the old days.

The new burger, the 88 Seoul Beef Burger, is certainly an unusual concoction by today’s burger standards. It comes with an egg salad and cabbage mix on it, which is certainly a unique topping!

So, I went to McDonalds to try the new 88 Seoul Beef Burger.

Arriving there, I looked at the screen, and the picture of the 88 Seoul Beef Burger really looked interesting, and a bit tasty!

Going to the touchscreen, I ordered the new burger, added a coke and coleslaw, and also a Double Cheeseburger to fill up just in case the 88 Seoul Beef Burger wasn’t quite enough.

The order was quickly filled, and I found a seat to try out the new burger.

The 88 Seoul Beef Burger comes with a special wrapper with both the name of the burger on it and a little cow head.

Unwrapping the 88 Seoul Beef Burger, the egg salad is easy to see, and it certainly looked like there was quite a bit on it.

The 88 Seoul Beef Burger also comes on a croquette bun, which McDonalds says it is supposed to be crunchy.

After trying a bite, it was certainly had a unique flavour. It was hard to taste the egg salad.

I took a spoonful of the egg salad and gave it a try by itself. It was quite creamy but had a nice crunch to it from the cabbage inside. There wasn’t a strong egg taste, but you could tell it was egg mixed in.

The 88 Seoul Beef Burger also comes with onion and ketchup on top. The ketchup was quite heavy, and the onions were put on in big chunks, which overwhelmed a lot of the other flavours.

The meat on the burger was also a little underwhelming, and I thought it needed more seasoning.

I also had the Coleslaw, which is another new item that McDonalds Korea is serving these days. It is a slightly healthier option than French Fries, and only costs 10 cents more than French Fries when added to a meal.

The coleslaw looked really good when I opened the package.

Taking a bite, it was certainly an interesting coleslaw. It was very creamy and had a heavy vinegar flavour. It seemed like there was a bit too much mayonnaise in the mix, and too much vinegar as well, and perhaps not enough sugar. I have to say that I have preferred other coleslaws at places like KFC.

Having the 88 Seoul Beef Burger was a little nostalgia for me, having a hamburger with quite unusual toppings. As a novelty item, it was fun to try once, but I wouldn’t recommend it for people to try unless they want to experience the way hamburgers were made in South Korea over 30 years ago.

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