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Ediya Coffee Lab Brazil Cerrado Whole Bean At Home

While out shopping recently, I was looking at the different varieties of whole bean coffees that are available now in South Korea. It seems like every time I go to the shops, there is another dozen types for sale, which makes it very hard to keep up with trying all the different kinds.

One package that I hadn’t seen before made me interested, and I have to say it was mostly because of the colour scheme!

The Ediya Coffee Lab is selling their variety of Brazilian Cerrado beans, and with the interesting green and gold packaging, I assume meant to mimic the Brazilian flag, I thought it might be a good kind to try.

The front of the packaging has the aforementioned colours, and it describes the taste of the coffee as nutty, with a smooth body, and walnut notes.

The side of the package describes the roasting points (a full-city roast), the tasting notes, low acidity, and strong aftertaste), and also brewing instructions.

The back of the package serves to tell us a bit about the Ediya Coffee Lab, as well as about the beans themselves.

After opening the package, I took a photo of the beans inside. There was a nice, rich, nutty aroma in the package.

I poured some of the beans into my grinder, and the machine went to work.

The beans smelled really nice after they were ground up, and I put some into the filter to prepare for the water.

Pouring the water produced a rich nutty and earth scent, and I was really getting ready to enjoy this coffee.

Waiting for the water to filter through can be agonizing sometimes!

And watching the coffee drip down can seem like an eternity!

Finally, the Ediya Coffee Labs Brazilian Cerrado was ready to taste.

The first was very nice, and I could immediately taste the nuttiness of the coffee, and the slight hints of the walnut tones underneath.

The Ediya Coffee Labs Brazilian Cerrado is quite low on the acidity scale, although the aftertaste was not as long as I expected. It is actually quite light and doesn’t really have a dark roast taste to it. It does feel quite smooth on the tongue, and was a comfortable brew.

Overall, I really enjoyed the Ediya Coffee Labs Brazilian Cerrado. The taste generally matched what was promised, and it made for a tasty cup of coffee on a hot August morning.

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