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Drop Everything For These Egg Sandwiches

While L.A. has EggSlut (and now multiple cities around the world) South Korea has an awesome chain doing egg sandwiches, Egg Drop!

Having been open for a few years now, the chain has quickly made its way around South Korea. A few weeks ago I had the opportunity to have the new Bacon Double Cheese Sandwich on a new style of bread that they are offering, a soft, sweet brioche bun.

The sandwich was everything that I've come to expect from Egg Drop. Piles of pillowy scrambled eggs, savory, succulent bacon, and gooey cheese. There is also Egg Drop's secret sauce, which looks a lot like egg yolks.

I also had the chance to enjoy a classic, the American Ham Cheese sandwich on their regular toast. Similar to the Bacon Double Cheese sandwich, except swapping in the ham.

Egg Drop has always been a hit every time I go! While there are numerous stores around Korea, the one in Ulsan in Sam-san-dong is my go to spot. It's a great place for a snack before catching a movie, doing some shopping, or just relaxing for a coffee with some friends.

Check it out, I'm sure you'll enjoy it too!

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