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Does The Man Serve Up Good Mexican Food?

I’m sure if you’ve been reading my blog, you know by now that I really enjoy Mexican food. I have done a number of reviews at various restaurants, always in the quest for something delicious.

Lately, there have been a few new places that serve Mexican food opening in Ulsan, which I sure hope is a good sign. Recently, I had the chance to visit one of the places and give their food a try.

The restaurant has an unusual name, The Man Taco. I’m not sure exactly why they chose that name for the place, but it certainly is an interesting choice.

Walking in, The Man Taco is a very large place with lots of seating, and even some open windows to provide lots of fresh air.

When you sit down, there is a computer touchscreen where you place your order.

The menu is quite extensive, and there are even sections divided into Mexican tacos and Tex-Mex tacos, which provided hope that there would be some interesting tastes going on.

I carefully looked through the menu, and decided to order three things. I got one order of Carne Asada Tacos, one order of Spicy Pork Tacos which came with some French Fries, and a drink called a Bombay Highball.

While waiting for the food to be prepared, I looked around at some of the interesting posters that the store had put up.

As I was the first person in the store, the order did not take a long time to prepare, and soon my drink and two “trays” of food were delivered.

The two different types of tacos did look very nice when they first arrived, and I was really excited to give them a try.

The first one I decided to try was the Spicy Pork Tacos. These tacos come with pulled pork, lettuce, cheese, tomatoes, and a bit of sour cream, guacamole, and a light hot sauces.

The pulled pork did smell like it had a very nice tang to it, with a very heavy barbecue scent. However after taking a bite, the pork didn’t really have much flavor to it at all.

The vegetables were fresh, but the cheese was quite light, and the sauces were not very generously applied. This would have been okay if the pork had a strong flavor to it, but sadly it didn’t.

The Pork Tacos also came with some French Fries that were nicely cooked, but also were covered in a honey glazed sauce, which made them very sweet.

Next, I tried the Carne Asada tacos. These were pretty plain, with just an ample amount of steak, some onions, and a salsa sauce on top. The Carne Asada Tacos also came with two other salsas, a tomato one and a Salsa Verde.

I wish that the Carne Asada tacos were tasty, but sadly the steak was very under seasoned, and in desperate need of some salt or spices.

The salsa sauces were nice, but I really wish that the steak was tastier.

Overall, I was disappointed by The Man Taco. The flavours were not very strong, and the portions were quite small for a big price. I think that if the meat was well-seasoned then perhaps I would return to The Man Taco, but from my experience, I can’t see myself returning there again.

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