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Dinner at Dunkin’ Donuts – A Cheddar Cheese Pringles Donut For Dessert???

While going for a walk recently, I passed by the local Dunkin’ Donuts in my neighborhood. I had been there recently as Dunkin’ had a cross-promotion with the company that makes Diget biscuits here in South Korea.

As I went by the store, I saw a poster for yet another cross-brand promotion, and this time the company was Pringles. The poster was advertising the Pringles Cheddar Cheese Filled donut, and I was instantly curious about how this would taste.

A few days later, I walked down to the shop again to try not only the Pringles Cheddar Cheese Filled donut, but also one of their hot sandwiches that they sell.

Knowing what my dessert was going to be, I had to decide on a sandwich to have for dinner. In the end I decided to go with the Spicy Cheese Chicken Burger.

The Spicy Cheese Chicken Burger is made with a spicy chicken patty made of leg meat, a soft, soft, bun, and a thick layer of gooey cheese sauce.

To cap off this now suddenly cheese filled meal, I got a peach Iced Tea, as it was the cheapest option on the menu, and Dunkin’ Donuts doesn’t sell water.

After ordering, I watched the staff member get to work on making the Spicy Cheese Chicken Burger. The worker first toasted the soft, soft bun, and then used the same mini-oven to toast the chicken patty. With the chicken patty not being deep fried, this meant it was less greasy and oily, but it was still crispy because it wasn’t microwaved.

After slathering the bottom bun in cheese sauce, the burger was assembled, my dinner was ready, and I went to a table and sat down.

Taking a look at the Spicy Cheese Chicken Burger, the bun did look very soft, and the patty did look crispy. After the first bite, my visual impression was confirmed. The bun was indeed soft but had a nice little char to it on the inside thanks to being lightly toasted.

The chicken patty was a little spicy and did have a nice crispiness to it. There a good level of greasiness, and the meat was tender and juicy, much more so thanks to the patty being made of leg meat as opposed to chicken breast.

The cheese sauce was like the sauce you get for movie nachos, and was thick, gooey, and plentiful.

After enjoying the Spicy Cheese Chicken Burger it was time for dessert.

The Pringles Cheddar Cheese Donut was lightly dusted in Pringles crumbs, and you could see the Cheddar cheese inside through the filling hole.

The first thing that I noticed about the donut was that the outside was very hard, much more than a regular donut would be. As I mentioned, the outside was coated in a light coating of crushed Cheddar Cheese Pringles.

The first bite was definitely cheese filled. In fact, I was very impressed by how much cheese filling was inside the donut.

There was so much cheese filling inside, that some actually fell onto they tray!

The Pringles Cheddar Cheese Donut was certainly an interesting creation. It was a very strong blend of sweet and savory, and the ample cheese sauce definitely made it worth the slightly higher price of a regular donut. The Pringles dusting on the outside didn’t add too much, but it helped to give the donut a crispier texture.

The Spicy Cheese Chicken Burger was also tasty, but it was a little pricy considering it wasn’t very big, and at almost 6,000 won, didn’t come with a drink or anything on the side, which makes it more expensive than other fast food chicken burgers.

I would say that the Pringles Cheddar Cheese Donut is a winner all-around, and the Spicy Cheese Chicken Burger is definitely a tasty option if you don’t care about value. Regardless, it certainly is a lot of cheese, so if you are looking for a cheese-y meal, then Dunkin’ Donuts can fit the bill right now!

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