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Diablo Comes to Burger King Korea, Bringing Hell With Him!

One of the biggest and most anticipated computer games of 2023 is Diablo IV. If you have never played any of the Diablo series, from Blizzard Games, you might be forgiven for not knowing about the demonic nature of the series.

If even if you don’t know anything about the game, that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the new promotion from Burger King Korea!

Called the Hell-o Burger King promotion, the chain has introduced three new burgers to celebrate the fourth installment of the Diablo series.

The new burgers are named after three characters from the series: Diablo, Lilith, and Inarius.

Visiting one of the local shops of Burger King, I decided to try two of the new burgers, the Hell-o Diablo Burger, and the Hell-o Inarius Burger.

The touch screen features an advertisement for the new products.

And the big screens above the counter are definitely pushing the new items!

After ordering, I took my tray, and found an empty chair.

I had only ordered one combo, and I decided to get a coleslaw as opposed to French fries.

The different burgers come in special wrappers, with the names of the burgers on them.

Sitting in the restaurant, I decided to try the Hell-o Diablo Burger first.

Opening the wrapper, you can see the black bun that is quite common on a lot of products at Burger King Korea these days.

The Hell-o Diablo Burger comes with two beef patties, a hash brown, bacon, and vegetables, as well as a few sauces.

The bacon is quite long and hangs tantalizingly over the edge of the other ingredients.

The Hell-o Diablo Burger comes with ketchup, mayonnaise, and a sweet chili sauce that is supposed to be spicy, but doesn’t really have a lot of heat, although it is quite tasty.

Taking a bite of the Hell-o Diablo Burger, the first thing I noticed is that this is a hefty and tasty burger!

The double meat is not dry, thanks to the large number of toppings. The vegetables are quite fresh, and the bacon is substantial enough that you can taste it. One of the failings of the burger is the hash brown potato. The hash brown is a bit soggy and just adds lots of carbs and saltiness to the burger.

The coleslaw was nice and tangy, and I liked the contrast to the salty burger that fries would not have provided.

I discovered that after eating the Hell-o Diablo Burger that I was very full, so I decided to take the Hell-o Inarius Burger home to eat later.

After a break, I unwrapped the Hell-o Inarius Burger.

The bacon was even longer on this burger!

Cutting it in half, it was easier to see the different ingredients.

The big difference between the Hell-o Diablo Burger and the Hell-o Inarius Burger is that the latter does not have the sweet chili sauce, and also only comes with one beef patty.

The Hell-o Inarius Burger tasted fine, but I found that I really missed the heft of the Diablo version.

After trying both burgers, the winner hands down for me was the Hell-o Diablo Burger. The extra patty and the sweet chili sauce made a huge difference, and if I was going to order one of them again, it would definitely be the Diablo burger.

*Note*: The Hell-o Lilith Burger is almost exactly the same as the Diablo version, but only has one patty, and no squid ink bun.

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