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Delicious Southeast Asian Treats – Mango Cream Crackers and AliCafé Cappuccino

Updated: Oct 22, 2020

There are a lot of wonderful snacks that we get imported these days in Korea. Even just a decade ago, it was a lot harder to find snacks and coffee from many companies that might be common in a lot of countries.

In fact, I recently just purchased a gift set (for myself!) of 30 different instant coffees from around the world, and this is the first day I’m trying one!

I also stopped by the local Hyundai Department Store to buy a snack and found a small package of biscuits on sale for around $1 US.

The snack that I picked up is Mango Cream Crackers. These were produced in Vietnam by a company called Diamond Food.

Full disclosure, I love mangos! A mango smoothie is outstanding! Getting fresh mango is divine! It is hard to find fresh mangoes here in Ulsan at a good price though, so I often make do with jarred mangos or other sorts of mango products.

The Mango Cream Crackers are a mini sandwich with some mango cream in between.

Each of the 14 cracker sandwiches comes individually packaged which I guess makes them less likely to break but does create too much waste.

The crackers themselves are so-so. The crackers are nice and crispy, but sweet so they are similar to a cookie. The mango cream inside is heavily scented, and the flavor is perfume-like, with not enough of a strong mango taste to them. I was a little disappointed that they didn’t have more of a realistic mango flavor to them. In fact, they tasted more like pineapple candy than a mango cream.

The AliCafé Cappuccino was nice! Coming from Malaysia, I have actually had some AliCafé products before.

AliCafé uses what they call Power Root, and sometimes mix their coffee with other roots that are meant to provide energy and a boost! I think for many of their drinks, they add powdered ginseng to them to create that boost, although there might be some other ingredients as well. I checked out their website, but it was hard to find the exact product.

The package looks nice and tells us straight away that it the beans are a Columbia Arabica blend.

Pouring the mix into my mug, you can see that there is a large amount of white powder, making it likely that there is a heavy amount of creamer inside and not so much coffee.

AliCafé Cappuccino produced a nice foam after adding some hot water.

The taste was quite nice. There is a light bitterness to the drink, but not overwhelmingly so. The other ingredients help to balance it out, and AliCafé Cappuccino makes a quick pick-me-up on a long afternoon. It was a very smooth drink that was very easy to sip and had a nice creamy consistency.

I would definitely try the AliCafé Cappucino again, but I wouldn’t go out of my way to buy the Mango Cream Crackers another time.

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