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Delicious Rice Bowls at Ongheya

Recently while out and about I realized that it was time for lunch. Being in a neighborhood near Ulsan University, which I hadn’t visited for a while, I was unsure about what would be a good place to eat.

At first I was interested in a hamburger restaurant that I had read about, but as it was closed I searched around for another place to eat.

It was then that I noticed Ongheya, which serves bowls of rice with various toppings. The variety of choices looked interesting, as did the prices (reasonable!) and so we decided to give it a try!

As we entered the store, we noticed that it was not overly large, with seating for maybe 10 people.

It was also interestingly decorated, with a number of nice pieces around the shop.

I found the lights to be particularly interesting, as they were held in wire baskets!

As we looked at the menu, it was really hard to choose what to eat. We finally decided on a Beef & Cheese Bowl and a Hot Pork Bowl.

Waiting for the food to be ready, I noticed an interesting sign that the restaurant has. They provide four different sauces for you to try which were: Red Pepper Hot Sauce, BiBimBap Sauce, Cajun Dressing Sauce, and an oil based salad dressing sauce (like a vinegrette).

The sign in question talked about how to use the sauces and how they should be mixed.

After 10 minutes, our order was ready and we picked it up.

The food smelled really good! The presentation was nice, and after some mixing the food was ready to eat.

The Beef & Cheese Bowl was very tasty! The cheese looked like it was a mixed blend of shredded cheese that can be purchased in a store, but the beef tasted fresh and was very substantial, as well as being cooked in a nice sauce.

The Beef & Cheese Bowl was VERY rich. It was almost overwhelming with the amount of cheese and meat that was put on it, and with very few vegetables to break through the richness. I would almost say that there was too much of a good thing.

Mixing the different sauces in with the Beef & Cheese Bowl did make a big difference. My favorite was the Cajun Dressing sauce, although the BiBimBap sauce was good as well!

The second bowl was the Spicy Pork Bowl. Again, there was an ample amount of meat in this bowl, and a serious level of spice! I really enjoyed the spicy flavor of this particular dish.

One of the things that I enjoyed as well with the Spicy Pork Bowl was adding some of the lettuce from the salad, which added more of a crunch to the bowl, and a little contrast from the spicy pork.

The amount of food was really impressive for such a decent price. In fact, we couldn’t even finish the Spicy Pork Bowl, which means I got the rest to go so I could enjoy it for my next meal.

The owner was also very kind and even included extra hot sauce when we got the take-out bag.

While I wasn’t sure about choosing this restaurant at first, it turned out to be a wise decision, as the food was really good at Ongheya. The value is excellent as the prices are low, and the kind chef really made for a nice atmosphere. I would recommend it to anyone who gets a chance to go there.

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