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Dal Café Roasters, A Mountain Top Coffee Getaway

Now that spring has arrived in full, and the weather is often lovely and warm, it’s a great chance to get outside and enjoy a wonderful cup of coffee at cafes that have outdoor seating.

While embracing the fantastic weather, I was driving through the mountains near Ulsan, and crossed over into Gyeong-ju. As I was going along the mountain road, I spotted a café upon a hill that looked interesting, so I decided to stop in.

The location, Dal Café Roasters, was a nice brick building and I could see that they had some outdoor seating, so I figured with the nice skies, I would have some coffee.

Walking into the front door, there were a number of painting roof tiles with some very interesting art on them, including some that are painted with Go-Stop cards on them, a favorite game of families here in South Korea.

Entering the café, the smell of coffee was everywhere, and I quickly took a look at the menu to see what I would order.

After perusing it for a minute, I decided to get a cup of hand dripped Ethiopia Koke Honey coffee and a Vanilla Latte.

The café has lots of coffee making equipment, some of it that was in use making what I assume is Dutch coffee, a specialty item here in cafes.

After looking inside, we went outside to get a table as there were only a few places to sit outside. After a few minutes, the barista brought our coffees to the table outside so that we were able to enjoy them.

The Ethiopia Koke Honey coffee came in a nice floral mug, and the rest of the pot was on the tray as well, so there was a chance to have a lot of caffeine.

A few sips of the Ethiopia Koke Honey coffee was tasty! And it became even more delicious as I continued drinking through the little pot of the coffee. The Ethiopia Koke Honey had some nice fruit flavors, as I noticed hints of peach and blueberry while drinking it. There was a nice level of acidity and the coffee was not bitter.

I really enjoyed drinking the Ethiopia Koke Honey coffee!

Next, I tried the Vanilla Latte. This was a good choice to have it after tasting the hand drip coffee, because the sweetness level of the Vanilla Latte would have definitely altered my tastebuds for trying the Ethiopia Koke Honey if I had tried it first.

The Vanilla latte was served in a plain red mug, with a heart-shaped latte art on top. This one I found to be less special, as it was mostly just sweet, with a touch of bitterness to the coffee. What I found most disappointing was that there was very little vanilla flavor to the latte, which was unexpected.

Dal Café Roasters is surrounded by hills and other little locations, and they have fantastic flower beds outside as well. There is even a little swing if you are interested in sitting there and gently rocking back and forth while you enjoy the gorgeous scenery.

The coffee was quite nice, especially the Ethiopia Koke Honey and I would really like to go back and try some of their other coffees as well, especially the Dutch coffee.

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