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Crunchy, Salty, Sweet – Reese’s Big Cup with Potato Chips

Sometimes there are some really iconic combinations in life, especially when it comes to food flavors. One of these combinations that has been popular for a long time is the mixing of chocolate and peanut butter. There are many different companies that make treats using this pairing, but perhaps none so famous as Reese’s.

The two most iconic Reese’s items (now manufactured by Hershey’s Chocolate) are the Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups and Reese’s Pieces. This doesn’t mean that there is no innovation going on, as a quick look at the Hershey’s website shows over 200 different Reese’s products!

I was lucky enough to have a chance to try a new Reese’s concoction, the Reese’s Big Cup with Potato Chips.

Wrapped in the familiar orange packaging, the Reese’s Big Cup with Potato Chips that I had comes in the King Size, which I guess means that there are two large cups. It looks like you can also get one cup from looking at the website.

The picture on the outside looks amazing and shows a thick peanut butter cup with lots of potato chip pieces inside the peanut butter.

Opening the package, I quickly shook one of the peanut butter cups out onto a plate.

It looked very lonely, so I decided to put the other one on the plate as well.

The peanut butter cups had the perfect Reese’s shape as always, and the chocolate looked smooth and tasty, just waiting for me to try it.

I broke one of the Reese’s Big Cup with Potato Chips in half and took a look at the inside.

Sadly, it was extremely hard to see the potato chips inside the peanut butter in the real thing. I noticed some very tiny pieces in the cross section, but it was really hard to notice them in the pictures I took.

The taste however is the most important thing, and I tried a bite to see if the Reese’s Big Cup with Potato Chips were worth the effort to get them.

Well, the Reese’s Big Cup with Potato Chips had that same chocolate and peanut butter flavor as all the other products, and it was really good.

There was a slight crunchiness when eating these and made the sensation similar to chunky peanut butter as opposed to smooth peanut butter.

There was also a light hint of saltiness to the product, and I could notice the combination of sweet and salty. The salty component was definitely not overwhelming.

As a interesting idea the Reese’s Big Cup with Potato Chips were nice, but I didn’t see a big difference from the regular Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups. For me personally, I think I’ll stick with the originals.

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