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Cream Cheese Pizza at Pizza Box

Earlier this summer, I had written about a wonderful pizza I had on a picnic style lunch at the seaside. The restaurant, Pizza Box, had made a wonderful Combination Pizza for me, and I really enjoyed.

Recently, I found myself nearby Pizza Box again, and I decided to stop in and try a different variety of pizza.

The staff was again warm and friendly. I checked out the menu, and one item caught my eye as being very unusual. It was the Cream Cheese Pizza, and it sounded very decadent, just what I was in the mood for.

I placed my order and waited patiently while the staff went to work.

After 20 minutes, the pizza ready, and the manager put my pizza in the box and packaged it up. It was a bit of a walk home, and I hoped it wouldn’t be too cold by the time I got there.

The pizza came with a bottle of Coke, a few dipping sauces, pickles, and some Parmesan cheese and hot sauce.

I opened up the box and looked at all the marvelous cheese!

Now, the pizza toppings had slid a bit while I was walking, so the pizza didn’t have the greatest presentation. It did have loads of cheese on top, including generous portions of cream cheese put on in little piles.

I quickly sliced up the pizza and prepared to dig in.

The first bite was wonderfully rich. The cream cheese added a very strong and unique dimension to the pizza, with a creamy texture and soft flavor. The pizza also had some ham/bacon cubes on it, which provided another layer of saltiness.

Three dipping sauces were included with the pizza: a garlic dipping sauce, yogurt dipping sauce, and honey. Honey is an interesting addition but is often included with heavy cheese pizzas here in South Korea.

The garlic dipping sauce was on point, being nice and creamy and with a not overpowering garlic taste.

The honey provided a nice flavor contrast with all the salty toppings of the pizza, making for a wonderful sweet and salty combination.

The yogurt sauce was easily my least favorite, as it was an unusually tangy variety, and didn’t mesh well with the pizza.

I really enjoyed the Cream Cheese Pizza from Pizza Box. I will say that it is very rich, and the lack of vegetables makes it hard to eat a fair amount in one sitting. I would suggest that this is very much a sharing pizza for a party, where many people are able to distribute the mounds of cheese.

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