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Costco Korea's BLT - A Great Sandwich!

I am always impressed when I travel to other countries and see shops and stores that I can find back home. Seeing the same products in the USA as I do in Korea really brings home just how connected we are! However, it is also really interesting to see chains that are across the world that have products that are only found in certain countries or regions.

Having been to Costco in four different countries, you can see the Kirkland brand that they sell in all the stores. Here in Korea Costco sells lots of local products to match our tastes and cuisine. Of course, one the favorites things for shoppers at Costco both here and in other countries in the food court. Lately, Korean Costco has been selling a BLT sandwich combo.

These days in Korea, the food court only allows take-out. So, after shopping I decided to buy the BLT and see if it was really as good as the picture looked.

From the outside, the packaging looks very unassuming, and a little unappealing. After unwrapping the plain paper however, things get much, much better!

The bread appears to be a very large whole-grain submarine bun, and the the American cheese is overflowing from the sandwich.

Inside you also have lettuce, tomatoes, pickles, and a sauce which seems to be an unusually tasty combination of Thousand Island and Italian salad dressings.

Of course, it is the bacon that is the star of the show, and there is a lot of bacon on the sandwich. I counted at least 6 full slices of streaky bacon, and it was delicious!

The bread was nice and soft, and not stale at all. The lettuce and tomatoes were fresh, with the lettuce being quite crispy and the tomatoes were nice and juicy. The pickles, which tasted like dill pickles to me, added a nice twist from a standard BLT sandwich.

The sauce was certainly the most unusual item. As I mentioned, the BLT sandwich has a dressing that seems to be a mixture of two different salad dressings. When I have had BLT sandwiches before, it has almost always been mayonnaise that has been on the sandwich as opposed to other condiments. The sauce that Costco uses on their BLT sandwich adds an extra little kick that really makes the sandwich a special product.

I can only hope that Costco is selling this in other locations around the world and not just Korea, because I think that everyone who loves BLTs should get a chance to try this. At only 6,500 won (about $5.50 US) it is a substantial and tasty sandwich for a good price!

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