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Costco Korea’s Bakery Offering – The Croffle

Last week, while doing my grocery shopping at Costco, I was walking through the bakery section and noticed a new item being promoted.

This new item was a box of Croffles! This fascinating mixture of croissant and waffle is something I’ve been meaning to try for a long time and seeing a box of 8 of them for only 16,000 won seemed like a great deal!

The box of croffles came with a see-through top, and the sheen on the croffles made them look absolutely delectable.

Getting home, I opened up the box, and took a minute to look at the wonderful treat that I hoped was waiting for me.

After choosing one, I put it on a plate and took a moment to admire the dessert.

Finally though, it was time to try this treat.

The outside of the croffle has a sweet, light, sticky glaze on it. The ingredient list doesn’t mention what it is, but it seemed like just a sugar glaze.

Biting in to the croffle was, unfortunately, a little disappointing. It was a little dry, and also heavy.

You can clearly see the layers from the croissant dough or the puff pastry.

However, the heaviness that this had, along with a doughy flavor that was more reminiscent of a real waffle, made me a little disappointed.

Having had croissant hybrids before, for example the cro-nut, I had really high expectations. Perhaps this is the way that all croffles are, but it made me feel as though it was too heavy and lacked the light, airy, puffy quality of the croissant. Perhaps the cooking method is responsible for this, but regardless, I can’t see myself getting another box of Costco croffles again.

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