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Costco Korea Dinner – Chicken Salsa Wrap and Bulgogi Pizza

Ah Costco! Good shopping, large sizes, and a food court that, at least in South Korea, is second to none in terms of quality, price, and value for money.

I have written about Costco’s BLT Set, and was very sad when it was taken off the menu a few weeks ago here at Costco Korea. While parting is such sweet sorrow, at least Costco has worked very hard to sell a worthy replacement.

The Chicken Salsa Wrap, which Costco is now selling in its food courts in South Korea, is one tasty burrito style dinner.

Like much of Costco’s food court products, the packaging is, to say the least, unassuming. A plain brown wrapper with a date cooked sticker on it! Luckily, sometimes good things come in boring packages, and the Costco Chicken Salsa wrap definitely fits this!

Upon unwrapping the paper, the well-portioned Chicken Salsa Wrap is displayed in all its glory. Now again, from the outside, a tortilla shell is not the most impressive of sights. Inside though is where the magic happens!

Breaking out my trusty knife, I carefully cut the Chicken Salsa Wrap into two pieces, just so I could get an amazing cross-section of this dinner.

Inside the Costco Chicken Salsa Wrap is a wonderful combination of ingredients. Oh, but where to begin!

The Chicken Salsa Wrap has, of course chicken. While the chicken could have been seasoned more, it was well cooked and tasted very fresh.

The chicken salsa wrap also has a wide range of plant-based ingredients. There is a nice dark green lettuce, tomato, and red bell peppers. They have even included some avocado that was perfectly ripe!

The chicken salsa wrap also includes a little sour cream, and a generous portion of salsa. The salsa sauce is nice and spicy, which works very well to enhance the other ingredients.

Put together, the Chicken Salsa Wrap is an outstanding meal, especially for only 4,900 won (about $4.25 US). The creaminess of the avocado and tomatoes contrasts nicely with the crunchy lettuce and bell peppers, and the chicken adds a middle level of texture to bring the whole dish together.

If I could add one thing to the Costco Chicken Salsa Wrap, it would be a little more cheese. I didn’t really taste any on the wrap, and I do love cheese! But I think this is being nit-picky, because this is one tasty and substantial meal!

Of course Costco does have other menu items that are worth talking about. In addition to the Chicken Salsa Wrap, I also picked up a slice of Bulgogi pizza.

One of the things that is difficult to find here in Korea is pizza by the slice. When I lived in Canada and was touring around the US, I was so happy to find cheap, large, slices of pizza everywhere!

Costco’s Bulgogi pizza is more expensive than the previous options they use to have. These days there is only bulgogi and cheese pizza available, which is a bit unfortunate as I do like a good combination pizza.

However, the Costco Bulgogi Pizza is very delicious too!

It comes for takeout in another unassuming package, a cardboard triangle. Upon opening, the smell of rich warm pizza automatically rises to your nose, and it does smell delicious!

The Costco Bulgogi Pizza is indeed loaded with pieces of marinated pork bulgogi. This meat is traditionally Korean, and tastes so good.

The pizza also has mushrooms, peppers, and onions, and a generous layer of cheese!

Inside the outer crust, there is a ring of sweet potato mousse. This is something that is very popular here in South Korea, and it actually goes pretty well on pizza.

I do like the Costco Bulgogi Pizza, but if I had to choose between one of the two items, I would definitely go for the Chicken Salsa Wrap, which is a great addition to the Costco Food Court family!

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