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Coffee, Music, and More at Café Andante

I have always enjoyed playing the piano ever since I was a child. While I don’t have the opportunity to play as much as I used to, I still enjoy the chances I get to make music.

Recently, I heard about a café in Ulsan that had somewhat of a piano theme to it, and I decided that having coffee and experiencing a new theme would be a great idea.

Café Andante is located a little bit outside the main part of Ulsan and is very close to the city’s express train station.

It took a bit of work to find, but once I arrived, the café looked very nice from the exterior and also very large.

Café Andante has some nice places to sit outside, including a fire pit to warm yourself in the cold, and also some seating that is covered with a canopy.

Walking up to the main doors, the imagery of pianos was clearly evident and the descriptions of this being a piano themed café were right on the mark.

To the right of the entrance way, there is a very large sitting area with many comfortable chairs, and even a projector with elevated seating to enjoy a movie perhaps.

On the left side of the entrance way is where the serving area is located.

Entering this portion of the café, there are wonderful tables with all sorts of desserts and treats on it!

And much to my surprise, there is a grand piano in Café Andante too!

First, I decided to choose some treats to enjoy with the coffee I knew that I would soon be having.

However, there were so many to choose from!

In the end, I decided on an Apple Tart and a Blueberry Turnover, which Café Andante calls a pastry.

Next, I looked at the drink menu to decide what I would enjoy with the desserts.

I ended up getting a Café Latte to go with the two pastry-based treats and continued to look around while I waited for my order to be ready.

The amount of seating at Café Andante is quite impressive.

There is also lots of interesting decorations, including a phone booth that looks straight out of a British movie!

My coffee was quickly ready, and I decided to go outside and eat there as the weather was very nice and warm on this autumn day.

Looking at the repast I had in front of me, I was very excited to get started.

The first thing I tried was the Apple Tart. This was loaded with apple, and had a nice soft pastry base holding all the fruit in. There was a nice cinnamon flavor to it, and the pastry was tender and easy to enjoy.

The apples themselves were not crisp, but had a gentle bite to them, just enough to keep them from being soggy. The Apple Tart was really delicious, and I really enjoyed it!

Next, the Café Latte had a nice heart on top for the latte art. Sipping this drink, it had a really nice soft taste to it. The coffee flavor was subtle, and the milk provided a nice balance to the drink. I really liked it because it wasn’t overly bitter and worked really well with the desserts.

Finally, I tried the Blueberry Turnover. In contrast to the Apple Tart, the turnover was very flaky on the outside, and softer on the inside, almost like a croissant. The blueberry filling inside was ample and not too sweet, so it was a really enjoyable dessert. The buttery taste of the pastry was also really nice as well.

Café Andante for me was a really great spot to go to. The desserts and coffee were really nice, the décor was interesting, the staff friendly, and of course there was the grand piano! For me, I could really see myself going here regularly to enjoy their coffee and desserts and enjoy the nice view and settings.

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