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Coffee and Cake at East Angle Café

Recently I had an afternoon off work. Seeing as it was a lovely autumn day, I decided it was the perfect time to go and find a delicious cup of coffee, and maybe a dessert.

One of the cafes that I had visited earlier, East Angle, is usually very busy on the weekend, but I figured that on a weekday that it would be less crowded.

Fortunately, I was right!

This grassy area is now gone..

Since the last time I had visited, they have opened some new seating areas, as well as taken away a wonderful grassy seating area to replace it with concrete…☹

Despite this sad turn of events, the staff was still working hard to provide some nice coffee and desserts.

I decided that today was a good day to try their Raspberry cheesecake, and I also decided to try their café Latte again.

Seeing as how it was not busy, I was able to take a few photos of the interior.

My order was quickly ready, and I was able to find a nice indoor seat in one of the new sections, which also had a great view of the ocean.

The café latte looked really nice,

and the Raspberry Cheesecake also had a lovely look to it.

I tried a bite of the Raspberry Cheesecake first.

This was one delicious dessert! The tartness of the raspberry puree really helped to balance the sweetness of the cheesecake portion.

The base of the cake was a little unusual, being a bit finer that a cheesecake base usually is, but there was a light taste of cinnamon to it, so the flavor was good.

The cheesecake portion was nice and creamy and sweet.

The café latte this time at East Angle was much better to me than the first time I went there.

The latte was much softer, and the coffee much less bitter than during my previous visit. It was also nice to have it in a mug cup as opposed to in a take-out cup.

After I was finished my latte, the colors at the bottom of the mug were very beautiful, with a rich, caramel color.

My second visit to East Angle Café was better than the first, although I really do wish they hadn’t poured so much concrete. At least their coffee and cake were delicious!

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