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Coffee and Cake at Annyong, Sang-gye-ri

Recently I had a chance to have the afternoon off, so I figured I would make the most of it and go for a drive. I had seen a number of coffee shops and cafes not too far from my home, so I headed out in that direction to choose one of them to have some coffee at.

The one I ended up choosing was Annyong, Sang-gye-ri. It was situated at a small intersection in a tiny village area in the Sang-gye area of Gyeong-ju.

The front of the building was welcoming, with a nice bench to relax and take a load off.

Just inside the front door was the cake display.

The carrot cake immediately stood out as something that might be very tasty to try!

I took a look at the menu to see what coffees were available.

There was also a cake menu with cute hand-drawn pictures of the different choices. Many of them were sold out, but luckily the carrot cake was not.

After looking at the drink menu, I decided to get the Sang-gye-ri Latte, and a cup of Brazilian hand drip coffee.

After placing my order, I looked around the café.

There were some nice sofas to sit on, and that’s where I ended up sitting.

Annyong, Sang-gye-ri has a nice open feel to it, and the cream colour everywhere is very relaxing and makes it feel cool.

There are even some cute dolls to sit near if you feel like it while you enjoy your time at Annyong, Sang-gye-ri.

My order was ready pretty quickly, so I went and picked it up.

The three things that I had ordered looked really delicious!

The first thing I decided to try was the carrot cake.

There was a lot of wonderful frosting on the cake, and a cute little carrot chocolate on top.

Taking a piece with my fork, I carefully maneuvered it into my mouth.

The carrot cake was very lovely! The cake itself was moist and had a good spice mixture in the batter, so it was wonderful. The frosting was also excellent, as it had a nice amount of cream cheese mixed in, and it wasn’t overly sweet.

Next I tried the Annyong, Sang-gye-ri Latte.

There was a large amount of whipped cream in the middle, and some cocoa powder around the outside.

Before trying it, I decided to make a more interesting design!

The Annyong, Sang-gye-ri Latte was okay, but it was very sweet. The large amount of whipped cream that was in the cup made it difficult to taste the coffee flavour in the latte.

Finally, I tried the Brazilian hand-dripped coffee. The coffee is said to come from the Sul De Minas region in Brazil and is supposed to have a soft taste.

This hand-dripped coffee was indeed quite soft. It had a slight fruit flavour to it, and just a hint of bitterness. There was almost no acidity to it, and the aftertaste was mild and comforting. This coffee went very well with the carrot cake in my opinion.

I enjoyed my time at Annyong, Sang-gye-ri. While I do think that the Annyong, Sang-gye-ri Latte is a bit too sweet, and can be overpowering, their hand-dripped coffee and cake were both excellent.

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