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Coffee and Art, A Perfect Match

Nestled between mountains and farm, Lento Gallery Cafe offers a peaceful and relaxing cup of coffee in a truly tranquil setting.

On a warm Sunday morning, I ventured into this wonderful establishment to try a coffee in a new place, and to take a break from a busy week.

I was greeted by the owner who came down from the photo gallery and studio to personally brew me a delicious black (or Americano here in Korea) coffee.

The flavor was absolutely outstanding with deep rich tones and a slightly fruity taste.

I found the gallery absolutely fascinating, decorated with Bric-à-brac and images from around the world.

The owner has spent a great deal of time traveling the world taking photographs, and the cafe features some absolutely stunning works of photographic art.

The cafe also has some delicious coffee available from the simple black coffee to more luxurious lattes so I'll be sure to go back again and try some of the more fancy fare that Lento Gallery Cafe has to offer.

I've included a map to Lento Gallery Cafe below if you're interested in checking it out and enjoying some of the wonderful coffee and art inside.

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