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Christmas Event Part 2 at Starbucks Korea

Starbucks here in South Korea is really going all in on the Christmas season in 2021. For the past month, they have had a number of special drinks, cakes, and merchandise, some of which I wrote about previously.

With the turn of the calendar to December proper, they have introduced yet another Christmas menu with some of the same drinks and cakes, but also a few new items to tempt people to visit and try something different.

There are two new drinks they have added to the menu. One is the Snow Mint Chocolate which comes in hot and iced versions, and the Holiday Dolce Cookie Latte. Sadly, at my local location, only the former drink was available.

There are also some new cakes on the menu, and the one that I decided to try on this evening was the Strawberry Mascarpone Cake.

Of course, after getting to the shop, I had to see if there were any new things to buy when it comes to merchandise.

Starbucks Korea has now expanded into the toy business…

And there are some different tumblers and mugs as well to celebrate the holiday season.

There wasn’t a line when I got to the store, and I had already ordered on the app, so drink and cake was ready very quickly.

The Snow Mint Chocolate looked very nice with the red and green sprinkles sitting delicately on top of the whipped cream.

The Strawberry Mascarpone Cake also looked nice and had half a dozen strawberries on top of the cheese.

I decided to let the Snow Mint Chocolate cool just a bit before I tried it and decided to try the Strawberry Mascarpone Cake first.

The cake comes with the aforementioned berries, a layer of mascarpone cheese, a layer of strawberry puree, and a layer of cake on the bottom.

Well, I really liked this cake!

The strawberries were pretty fresh, the mascarpone cheese was creamy and sweet, and the strawberry puree mixed well with the cheese.

The cake base itself was nothing to write home about, but it did its job as the foundation of this dessert.

I would say that the Strawberry Mascarpone Cake is a little expensive, as it is 7,500 won, or close to 7 dollars U.S.

Next, I tried the Snow Mint Chocolate. This drink was interesting. It had a light mint flavor, but it tasted heavily of matcha, which is one of the ingredients. The chocolate was almost nowhere to be found in the flavor mix.

Honestly, I wasn’t impressed with the Snow Mint Chocolate. I think that if you are going to have a drink with that name, it should definitely have a heavy mint flavor, and in this drink the matcha flavor was very overwhelming. I did get some hints of mint as I got closer to the bottom, but not enough to make me think it was a mint drink. To be fair, Starbucks Korea does say on their website that the drink has matcha in it, but I think this should be made clearer.

So, the Strawberry Mascarpone Cake is very nice, if a bit overpriced. The Snow Mint Chocolate, I would definitely not give it a try again.

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