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Chicken Tenders? Boneless Wings?? How about KFC Black Label Chicken???

It seems like these days there’s a huge debate about what boneless chicken wings are. Some vote for wings, others vote for chicken tenders. (Personally, I vote for delicious!!) Here in Korea though, we have another contender in the boneless chicken category, and that’s Black Label Chicken.

I’m sure that you’re asking yourself “Black Label Chicken?? What’s that??”, and that’s an excellent question. KFC’s Black Label Chicken is a larger piece of leg meat as opposed to chicken breast that you find in a normal chicken tender. This produces a more juicy and flavorful tender than normal. They have also managed to successfully make it taste like chicken skin on the outside coating.

When Black Label Chicken was first introduced here, there only the Hot and Crispy (Extra Crispy in the US) coating on the outside. Since then, they have introduced two new versions. The first is the Hot and Crispy version coated in Korea’s famous chicken sauce, the Yang-nyum chicken. The other is coated in the original recipe style.

When I went to KFC this time they had a special of 2 Hot and Crispy Pieces plus 2 Yang-nyum pieces for only 7,900 won (about 7 dollars US). Considering the price for ordering the 4 pieces individually would be around 12,500 won, this was a serious deal!

I ordered a drink with it, but unfortunately forgot to get some sweet chili sauce, which goes great with the Hot and Crispy Black Label chicken.

I have to say I really, really, enjoy the Black Label chicken. Some people to prefer the bone in version of eating chicken, and while that’s great, sometimes it’s just easier to eat without worrying about the little tiny bones or cartilage that you can bite into.

The Hot and Crispy Black Label chicken absolutely lived up to its name. It was hot, fresh, juicy, and the coating was wonderfully crisp! I was very sad about not having the sweet chili sauce, but just feeling the crunchiness of the coating and then the soft juiciness of the meat was wonderful!

The Yang-nyum Black Label chicken is even better! The Korean chicken sauce that you can often find here is a made with chilies and garlic as the main flavors. It has a sweet flavor to it, and is wonderfully sticky. I have had wings with a wide range of sauces in many different restaurants around the world, and I can honestly say that nothing compares to Korea’s Yang-nyum sauce. The best thing is that almost every fried chicken restaurant in Korea will serve their own version, and the sauces all have slightly different flavors to them.

KFC’s was awesome! The sauce was a little sweeter than many of the other locations, but the garlic hints are great and the sauce is not too spicy. It really compliments the chicken well.

If you ever get a chance to come to Korea, or go to a Korean restaurant, you definitely have to try the Yang-nyum chicken sauce. It’s a true taste of Korean cuisine, and it is outstanding!

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