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Cherry Blossom Season Has Arrived at Starbucks Korea

With the Spring beverages from Starbucks being taken off the menu, Starbucks Korea has rotated in some new beverages. With the cherry blossom season just around the corner, it was only a matter of time before some cherry-based beverages were added to the menu here.

This time, there were two cherry based, the Cherry Blossom White Chocolate and the the Midnight Bergamot Cold Brew. The picture for the latter looked fascinating so I figured I would give it a try as well!

The Starbucks that I went to was in a different neighborhood, and considering it was after dinner it was very quiet. There were maybe two tables with people, and the location had close to 20 tables. This was actually good because it meant that I could enjoy the drinks without a lot of stress.

After ordering the two beverages, I took a look at all the cherry blossom themed merchandise that Starbucks Korea is selling. There certainly is a lot of themes that Starbucks uses to sell their products.

As always, there were the tumblers, mugs, and more.

There was also an interesting two piece set for a tea pot!

When my order was ready, I went to pick it up. The two drinks looked very interesting, and I was very keen to give them a try.

The first drink I tried was the Cherry Blossom White Chocolate. I wanted to try it first because the whipped cream on top might melt, and I do like to get a little taste of whipped cream to enjoy the sweetness.

The Cherry Blossom White Chocolate was very sweet, even without the whipped cream.

It had a subtle pink color, and the chocolate was mostly in the bottom of the mug. The flavor of cherry was very evident, but not overpowering.

I don’t like the fruit flavor to be too chemical in nature, and this drink was definitely not that! In fact, the Cherry Blossom White Chocolate was delicious!

Next, I tried the Midnight Bergamot Cold Brew. I believe it was named Midnight because of its interesting color variations, and the drink indeed looked very similar to the picture on the menu, with the layers of black and mauve clearly evident.

As it was a cold drink and it came with a straw, I decided to try both layers separately before mixing them together.

The coffee on the top was actually very bitter. As it was cold, I felt that the bitterness was amplified, and it had a level of acidity as well. It definitely tasted like a dark roast.

The purple layer underneath was the exact opposite, and in fact it was too sweet! The website says that the Midnight Bergamot Cold Brew is supposed to have the flavor and scent of cherry blossoms, but I didn’t really notice that. Interestingly, I believe bergamot is supposed to be orange flavored, but I didn’t notice that either.

After sampling both parts, I mixed them together. This turned out to be the perfect way to enjoy the drink as the coffee and the bergamot balanced each other and created a sweet yet coffee flavored treat. Of course, if you like your coffee black then it probably wouldn’t be for you!

After trying both of the cherry blossom themed drinks from Starbucks Korea, I would say that they are both very enjoyable. The Cherry Blossom White Chocolate is perfect for those of you who don’t enjoy coffee, and the Midnight Bergamot Cold Brew is great for people who enjoy a stronger cold café latte.

Hopefully you can enjoy the beautiful cherry blossoms that will be blooming soon in Korea with one of these drinks!

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