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Cheese, Cheese, Glorious Cheese Now at Burger King

Now I’m sure that I’ve mentioned it before, but I LOVE cheese. Soft cheeses, hard cheeses, cream cheeses, liquid cheeses, they are all delicious!

With my love of cheese, when I saw that Burger King in Korea had not one, but TWO burgers called ‘Cheeserella’, I got very, very, excited.

One day after work, I found myself nearby a local Burger King and after checking their website I saw that they had a Cheeserella pack with BOTH of the Cheeserella burgers, along with some French fries, four chicken nuggets, and two cokes.

After waiting in the drive-thru for a decent amount of time (the person before me ordered like 40,000 won worth of food!) my order was ready, and I continued on my journey home to try out these new cheese-laden burgers.

So, the two Cheeserella burgers are the Cheeserella Whopper, and the Cheeserella Chicken Burger. The key to making them a Cheeserella burger is the deep-fried mozzarella cheese patty that is included on each one.

I arrived home quickly set about unpacking the bag of food.

Each Cheeserella burger has its own distinct package, so I immediately knew which one was which.

Before eating, I decided to cut each one in half to see what the ingredients were like.

The Cheeserella chicken burger comes with the aforementioned mozzarella cheese patty, which is flecked with what looks like herbs.

The chicken burger also comes with some onions, lettuce, jalapenos, mayonnaise, and a sweet barbecue sauce.

The Cheeserella Whopper has the same cheese patty along with one standard Whopper patty. It also comes with bacon, lettuce, tomato, onions, mayonnaise, and a spicy red pepper sauce, which I think they call Diablo sauce.

After plating up my food, it was time to try these two burgers out.

The Cheeserella Chicken Burger was quite nice. The bun was soft and fresh but didn’t fall apart upon eating it. It seemed to have a little more strength than the standard sesame seed-adorned Whopper bun. The cheese patty was nicely cooked and crispy on the outside, but the cheese was just a little melty inside. The two sauces prevented it from being too dry (although a slice of tomato would have helped) and the jalapenos gave it a nice bit of heat. The chicken patty itself was also crispy but didn’t add too much to the overall flavor.

The Cheeserella Whopper was very good too! The bacon was really good, and the tomato added a bit more to the overall burger. The beef was fine and more noticeable in the mix compared to the chicken patty. The spicy sauce was a level above the jalapenos on the Chicken Burger, which it is advertised to be, but if you don’t like the heat then you might not be too happy.

Overall, on the first go around, the Cheeserella Whopper was slightly better, mostly due to the bacon and tomato.

However, I only ate half of each the first night, and saved the rest for breakfast the next day. One thing I discovered was, after a night of being in the refrigerator, that the Cheeserella Chicken Burger was SO much better than the night before. I don’t know if it’s because the sauces had some time to soften things up, or if the cooling down of the food made a difference, but it was much tastier.

The Cheeserella Whopper was less impressive the next day, as the beef was drier, and the bun soggier from the tomato.

On the whole, both of these burgers are quite tasty, and the mozzarella cheese patty is really a nice addition. I would recommend the Cheeserella Whopper for those eating immediately, and for those who like the heat with their food. For those with lots of patience, I recommend the Cheeserella Chicken Burger, eaten cold the next day. I wasn’t disappointed, and I hope you won’t be regardless of which way you decide to go if you get a Cheeserella burger!

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