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Carbonara + Pork Cutlet At Brown Donggas!

One evening recently, I was interested in trying a new restaurant that was supposed to be opening in my neighborhood. Unfortunately, it was not open yet, so I had to find a different place to eat dinner. I remembered that a new restaurant had opened not too long ago, and I decided to give Brown Donggas a try as it was on the way home.

From the outside, the store looks unassuming, but inside they have some nice tables…

And some interesting posters on the wall…

Including telling you how to enjoy the dinner roll that comes with much of their food.

After taking a look at the menu, I decided to try the Carbonara Pork Cutlet, as I was very curious about how a different sauce would make the pork cutlet taste.

My order was ready very quickly, and I was off to home to try this hopefully interesting mash-up of Italian and Korean cuisine.

After getting home, I unpacked the order, and there was a lot to go with the Carbonara Pork Cutlet.

They included:


Bread and Jam

A Cabbage Salad

And the whole package with some rice, corn, pickles, and radish kimchi.

The sauce for the pork cutlet came separately and looked very thick and creamy.

I quickly poured the carbonara sauce on top of the pork cutlet and went to work on tucking into the meal.

The food was pretty tasty. The morning roll was very fresh, and went very well with the cream soup, which is the way that I chose to enjoy it from their suggestions that I mentioned above.

The cabbage salad and other vegetables were fine and added some nice variety to the pork cutlet.

As for the pork cutlet with carbonara sauce, it was tasty as well. The cutlet was well cooked and was nice and crispy on the outside and soft and juicy on the inside. The cutlet itself was quite thick, which was a pleasant surprise as often the pork cutlets in many shops will be quite thing and insubstantial.

The carbonara sauce was very creamy, rich, and quite tasty at the beginning of the meal. However after a while it was overly rich, and it made it very hard to finish the whole meal as I was getting very full.

I think that I prefer my pork cutlets with the more traditional sauce. The carbonara was nice, but very creamy and overlapped too much with the cream soup.

Brown Donggas does offer a lot of food, but this is commensurate with the price. At almost 12,000 won for one dish, it is a bit pricy for a dish that can often cost 5,000 won less in other shops.

Overall, I was satisfied, but there might be more economical options to try besides Brown Donggas.

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