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Caramel Peanut Cold Brew Float at Caffe Pascucci!

Living near the ocean in a seaside “vacation” area, there are so many cafes and coffee shops, as well as little restaurants to choose from, and in fact many more than a small neighborhood like mine should probably have.

One of the chain franchises, Caffe Pascucci, also has a location that is not far from my apartment, and they have a great view of the ocean. In fact, the store is approximately 50 meters from the water!

I was browsing the website of Caffe Pascucci and noticed that they had a new beverage that both sounded and looked amazing to me, the Caramel Peanut Cold Brew Float! Despite being a mouthful to say, it looked and sounded delicious.

On a breezy evening, I walked down to the local branch and after enjoying the blue water, I entered the location and ordered the Caramel Peanut Cold Brew Float.

Now at 5,900 won, ($5) it wasn’t exactly cheap, but I figured with some ice cream on top and a lot of other added ingredients, that it would be worth the price.

Much like all the other chains coffee shops here in South Korea, Caffe Pascucci has their own merchandise.

They also sell some snacks and baked goods.

And they even sell ‘Minions’ themed fruit juices, which must be aimed at the younger crowd to enjoy while their parents are enjoying the more caffeinated beverages.

After finishing looking around the store, the buzzer in my pocket went off, signaling that my drink was ready for me to pick up.

The Caramel Peanut Cold Brew Float looked pretty good, and actually was so full that it required a plastic top to keep from overflowing the cup! The ice cream was perched on top, and there was indeed a caramel drizzle on top of the peanut butter ice cream.

I walked upstairs to get a better view of the ocean, I tried the Caramel Peanut Cold Brew Float. The ice cream definitely tasted like peanut butter, and the caramel added a lot of sweetness.

After tasting those two ingredients, I submerged the ice cream into the coffee and milk. One thing I noticed when I pushed the ice cream down was that there was a lot of ice in the cup.

The ice cream slowly blended with the espresso shot and the milk to form an almost milk shake like consistency. It took a while to get there, because the drink wasn’t hot to begin with.

The mixed version was also very tasty. It was very sweet, although the espresso helped to balance out the caramel and ice cream. The peanut flavor was evident throughout the whole experience, which regrettably was brief.

In fact, Caffe Pascucci puts in so much ice that the cup was half full when I had finished the drink. This was very disappointing, because it seems like for the price that there should be some more milk, or ice cream, or espresso, just to make it more of a value order.

The flavor of the Caramel Peanut Cold Brew Float was good, and the named ingredients were definitely evident, so you did get some of what you paid for. I just wish that the glass wasn’t so full of ice at the end, because it feels like you are not getting your money’s worth from Caffe Pascucci.

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