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Butter Tart Flavoured Coffee???

A year ago, I tried and wrote about some maple flavoured coffee from Muskoka Roastery Coffee Co.

What I forgot to do was try the other flavour of coffee that I had gotten from that company. A year later, I’ve finally gotten around to trying their Butter Tart flavoured coffee.

First, what is a butter tart? Well, according to Wikipedia, it is a Canadian dessert that is a very sweet tart with the filling including butter and brown sugar. I have actually tried a butter tart, and even had the chance to make some at home.

The Muskoka Roastery Coffee Co. Butter Tart coffee comes in a fancy gold package.

When I opened the package, there was a slightly sweet smell, but not a strong smell of brown sugar or butter. I actually did a terrible job of taking this picture!

I poured some of the coffee into the filter. There was still not a really strong scent, and I was worried that the coffee might be too old to have the proper taste.

The coffee grounds did look nice in contrast to the package.

I poured some hot water onto the grounds, and there was an almost spicy flavour coming from the mug.

It was really hard to wait for the water to finish filtering down into the mug.

Finally, the coffee was ready, and it had a nice colour to it.

At last, it was time to try the Muskoka Roastery Coffee Co. Butter Tart coffee.

The flavour of the coffee was slightly sweet. It wasn’t acidic or bitter, and the aftertaste was a bit unusual. I found it reminiscent of hazelnut coffee, but not quite as strong or as cloying as those tend to be.

While I didn’t dislike the Muskoka Roastery Coffee Co. Butter Tart coffee, I was not impressed with the taste. To be fair, as I said, the package was quite old, so I wouldn’t discount the flavour being lost over time.

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