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Burger King 4X Stacker Whopper – A Mega Meat Feast!

I know that there’s an expression in English, that is kind of like ‘you can have too much of a good thing’. Well, Burger King here in Korea has just released a new line-up of Whoppers, called Stackers.

This means that you can get a regular Whopper with cheese, or a 2X Stacker with two patties and two slices of cheese. Then there is the 3X, and finally, the 4X Stacker, with a colossal 4 beef patties and 4 slices of cheese!!

Now, it sure seems like four patties and four pieces of cheese is a real challenge, and I decided that I had to try and conquer this mammoth burger!

When I went to the Burger King location, I was a little shocked by the price, as it was 12,500 won (around $11 US). It seemed a little expensive, but for that much meat, I guess it seems like a fair price.

Getting home, I took the 4x Stacker Whopper out of the bag, and it WAS heavy! It definitely felt like a monster meat burger, which I was glad for.

After unwrapping the burger, the cheese looked so good, all melted down the outside of the burger. It was hard to see the meat, but you could definitely feel that it was there after lifting it up!

Now it was time to try this behemoth of a burger.

The first bite was SO good! The cheese being all melted down the outside was really tasty, and there a seriously meaty heft to the bite. However, it quickly became a chore to eat this mighty burger.

One of the problems is that because there is so much meat, the burger must be quite hot after being wrapped, and most of the cheese was on the outside. That means that in the middle of the burger there is only meat, and the few vegetables that are put on top.

Half-way through the burger, I was starting to feel full, and I was not quite sure that I would be able to finish this immense 4X Stacker Whopper.

After I had eating three-quarters of this monumental tower of meat, I was unsure that I would be able to finish it, as there still wasn’t a lot of cheese in the middle part to provide some variety from all the meat.

Finally, I was down to the last bite. There was a lot of cheese and mayonnaise on this last bite, and it tasted so rich as I ate it.

I did it! It was a real challenge for me to eat something this colossal, and I felt too full after eating it.

I would not eat this again, but perhaps someone who has a bigger appetite than I do would enjoy it more. To be fair, as I mentioned, the first bites were SO tasty, however it quickly became a chore to try and finish the Burger King 4X Stacker Whopper.

Sometimes, there is too much of a good thing, and for me that was the case with the Burger King 4X Stacker Whopper.

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