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Bubble Tea at Home, Anytime you Want It!

It seems like the tasty tapioca pearls that are so fun to enjoy in a drink are everywhere these days. Having a bubble tea or boba tea is both fun and tasty, and there are a wide range of flavours to enjoy with the tapioca.

I was shopping recently and discovered a package from Taiwan that is a home Bubble Tea kit. Made by 3:15PM, this Milk Tea with brown sugar bubbles seems like a fun and affordable way to enjoy a bubble tea any time you want it!

The kit that I purchased comes with enough materials to make five glasses of Milk Bubble Tea, and includes five special straws to make sure that it is no problem enjoying all the delicious tapioca pearls at the bottom of the glass.

So, there are five milk tea bags..

Five packs of tapioca pearls..

And 5 straws.

The instructions to make the Milk Bubble Tea are on the box, so I boiled some water and prepared to make my own bubble tea.

Putting the tea bag in the glass, I waited for the water to boil.

Then, I added some water and watched as the tea started to turn a wonderful light brown colour.

While I was waiting, I cut the tapioca pearl package, and microwaved it for 30 seconds. The smell from the little bag was very lovely, and just like warm, wonderful, brown sugar.

After waiting a few minutes, I added the pearls to the tea, took out the bag, and then added some ice to have a nice, cool, refreshing Milk Bubble Tea.

Tasting the drink, it was a little bit bland. I think that I might have added too much water, or not let the teabag steep enough to get all the flavours out.

The tapioca pearls on the other hand were lovely. They were sweet, soft, and didn’t taste at all of plastic after being in the microwave.

The Home Bubble Tea Kit from 3:15PM is a nice, economical way to enjoy a bubble tea at any time of the day. I would recommend making sure that the tea steeps for a very long time, and also be careful not to add too much water.

Also, remember you don’t have to wait until 3:15PM to enjoy this drink, you can have it any time!

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