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Bountiful Brunch at City Market

Brunch has become a very trendy item in South Korea recently. There has never been a huge emphasis on breakfast restaurants here, certainly not like the US or other western countries. Rather, people often would eat breakfast at home.

However, it seems like more and more brunch spots are popping up. They open late enough for people to be able to wake up and enjoy an early morning, and then only end up eating two meals a day.

Here in Ulsan, there is a brunch café, City Market, that I had never heard of. While on a day trip recently to see the cherry blossoms, I ended up coming back early, and decided to stop in with family to enjoy a hearty brunch.

I found City Market on the map, and off we went to try brunch!

City Market is near Ulsan’s Grand Park, a great walking spot. The road in is a bit narrow, but the location is like an oasis in the big city.

Nestled between two small hills, it’s like it is situated in a farming community as opposed to an industrial metropolis.

One of the first things I noticed was that City Market greets you with a wonderful German “good morning”.


A choice between sausage or ham!

With the cherry blossoms still on the trees, this was a very nice place to enjoy brunch!

The menu at City Market is quite small, but pork products, especially sausages, feature prominently on the menu. In fact, they make their OWN sausages in house!

I was very excited at the prospect of this, so my family and I ordered our brunch.

We ended up getting the sausage platter, an individual order of army base soup (called Budae jjigae in Korean and sometimes sausage soup in English) and an egg meatloaf sandwich.

The sausage soup came first.

I really liked the little pot that the soup came in, and it was loaded with lots of ham and sausages.

The spiciness of the sausage soup was quite nice, with a fair bit of heat that didn’t overpower the rest of the ingredients.

There were also some nice side dishes to go along with the soup.

And some ramen noodles and cheese to add in after the pot was boiling and hot.

The Egg Meatloaf sandwich looked really good! It had a boiled egg baked into the meatloaf, which tasted like it was a heavy pork blend. It also came with a brioche bun, some salad, and baked beans.

I was a little disappointed in the baked beans, as they were cold, which is a bit unusual.

The Egg Meatloaf sandwich was nice and had a really heavy feel to it. The brioche bun was tasty, but it was a bit old, so there was a stale quality to it.

The sausage platter at City Market certainly does have a lot of pork!

It comes with three full sausages, rashers of bacon, 3 buns, salad, sauerkraut, and some spicy ketchup, which was really delicious and added a lot of flavour to the sausages.

The sausages were quite tasty, and the bacon was nicely cooked as well. Being able to add sauerkraut, or the spicy ketchup, allowed for different flavour combinations.

I really liked City Market. While the opening hours are not very long, there is some really delicious items on the menu. They do know their pork, and the settings are wonderful to have a nice, relaxing, brunch in.

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