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Bountiful Baguette Sandwiches at Grown Café

There’s a café near my home, Grown, that I have walked by more than a few times, but just never gone to yet.

Grown Café is situated on a quiet backstreet near a small fishing port in Ulsan.

This rectangular building, with a nice little garden sitting area, offers different coffees and teas, as well as sandwiches if you are feeling hungry.

Recently, I was walking in the neighborhood where Grown is, and seeing as it was dinner time, I figured it might be the perfect time to go in and enjoy some of their sandwiches.

Grown has a nice indoor sitting area.

And they also sell a few non-menu items, including their homemade granola!

After looking at the shop, I took a look at the menu.

Sadly, the Ciabatta bread was sold-out that day, so I decided to order two items.

The first was the Baguette (Basil Pesto) that comes with arugula, cheese, and ham.

The second was the Pepperoni (Baguette Bread).

After ordering, I waited inside while the staff was preparing my dinner.

After, I went outside to the garden area, as the weather was quite lovely, being a nice warm spring evening.

The tray of food that the worker brought out looked very nice!

The Pepperoni baguette is served hot, and they have a little oven inside the store to heat up the item.

The Pepperoni baguette consists of two slices of baguette bread, melted cheese, tomato sauce and a large slice of salami (I’m sure it was not pepperoni) on top of each slice of bread.

Despite the slightly misleading name, the Pepperoni baguette was very delicious. The meat on top was nicely flavoured, the tomato sauce tasted homemade with some little chunks of tomato in it, and the cheese was hot and nicely melted.

The fact that this was heated in the oven first made the bread not quite so crunchy on the outside, which was very good because it can be hard to get through the exterior of baguette bread sometimes.

Next I tried the Baguette (Basil Pesto). As mentioned before, this comes with arugula, cheese (two types!), ham, and a basil pesto spread.

There was quite a lot of toppings on this sandwich. There was basil pesto spread on both the top and bottom pieces of the baguette, and the cheese was very, very ample. There was a decent amount of ham on the sandwich, although it was a bit thinly sliced, and the arugula was crisp and fresh.

The Baguette (Basil Pesto) tasted quite nice. The basil pesto spread added a nice flavor to the sandwich, and the arugula helped to balance out the large amount of cheese that was on the sandwich.

It was a bit difficult to eat the baguette, as it was very hard on the outside, but the bread was nice and chewy on the inside of the crust.

I really enjoyed my dinner at Grown Café. The Pepperoni baguette was my favorite, but the Baguette (Basil Pesto) was also quite tasty. I could definitely see myself returning to Grown Café in the future, and I really want to try their coffee and some other items soon!


Ulsan, Buk-gu, Jungja 8 Street #9

울산 북구 정자8길 9

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