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Blossoming Spring at Starbucks!

Spring is in full swing here in South Korea, and the cherry blossoms are popping out on all the trees, with clouds of pink snow suspended in the air.

And as the cherry trees are blossoming, so are the new menu items at Starbucks Korea!

Venturing to my local shop, I saw the three new beverages on the menu on a banner as I entered the door.

The drinks were also on display above the baristas.

In addition, Starbucks Korea as a new sandwich, and a Basque cheesecake.

Before ordering, I took a look at the new merchandise that they are selling.

I really liked the new yellow tumbler, as the design was quite nice!

After perusing the items for sale, I placed my order. I decided to get one Pink Flower Youthberry Tea, one Basil Lemon Sherbet Blended, and the new Chicken Tomato Cheese Sandwich.

As per usual, the order was ready quite quickly, and I went to a nice table to try out these new items.

I decided to try the Pink Flower Youthberry Tea first. The drink was quite pink, and although the liquid suspending inside did not look like flower petals like the advertisements, it was noticeable and quite pretty.

The drink itself is supposed to be Youthberry and hibiscus tea, with a chocolate sauce. I wonder if the “pink flower petals” in the drink are made of a chocolate sauce, but I wasn’t sure because I didn’t taste any chocolate in the drink.

The drink itself was quite nice and refreshing, and had a light flowery taste. It was quite sweet, and I did enjoy finishing it.

Next, I tried the Basil Lemon Sherbet Blended. This drink is made with lemon and mango sherbet, with a mixture of basil and arugula on the top. You could notice the mango mid-way through the glass, and the basil mixture was easy to see on top.

The lemon flavour was not very noticeable, and once mixed the drink had a strong basil herbal taste.

This was quite filling, as it is made with shaved ice like a slushie, as opposed to being filled with ice cubes.

While it didn’t taste bad, I was a little disappointed that the lemon and mango were not more prominent in the mix.

Finally, I tried the Chicken Tomato Cheese Sandwich. With the sesame covered bread, tomato sauce, mozzarella cheese and a breaded chicken patty, the sandwich when heated smelled excellent, with a rich tomato scent.

I cut the sandwich in half, and then tried a bite.

The first thing I noticed was the bread was quite soft and fresh.

The tomato sauce was the most notable ingredient on the sandwich, and the cheese was nice and melted to add some saltiness and flavour to the mix.

Sadly, the chicken patty was quite a disappointment, as it was basically flavourless, and the only thing I noticed was the texture of the chicken.

Overall, the Chicken Tomato Sandwich was okay, and the rich tomato sauce with the bread really saved the sandwich.

With all the new items, there are a lot of different tastes to try at Starbucks Korea this spring, so enjoy the wonderful spring flowers and weather with some interesting flavours!

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