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Better Late Than Never – Starbucks 2021 Holiday Blend

Sometimes it is really amazing the things that you find when you are grocery shopping. Recently I was at one of my local stores, and I was looking through a discount section, and what did I find but a package of the Starbucks Holiday Blend for the 2021 Christmas season.

Given that it was at a great price, and I figured that I could get at least 20 cups of coffee out of it, I decided to pick it up and give it a try.

The package itself is festively decorated and is a bright red colour with snowflakes on it.

The back of the package has its preparation instructions.

And one side has the story of the coffee including the region of the world the beans are from.

The coffee itself is described as a medium roast, which was good for me, as I don’t really like it to be too dark most of the time.

It also says that the coffee has herbal and maple notes added to it, so I was quite excited, especially for the maple notes.

When I opened the package, the coffee did smell quite sweet, and there was a light hint of herbs, although I couldn’t really describe the blend.

I poured a bit of the ground coffee into my filter and waited for the water to boil.

Finally, the water was ready, and I started to pour over the grounds.

The fragrance of the coffee was quite nice, and it did smell very sweet and not too dark.

The only hard part was waiting for the coffee to drip down into the mug.

After a few more minutes of waiting, I had two warm and hopefully comforting cups of coffee ready to drink.

This Starbucks Holiday blend did have a nice flavour to it. It was quite sweet in taste, and the acidity wasn’t too high. The aftertaste was quite mellow as well.

One thing I didn’t notice was the maple notes that had been promised on the package. This was a bit disappointing, and the herbal flavour was also not very strong as well.

Despite not having the promised tones and notes, the Starbucks Holiday Blend from 2021 was quite enjoyable. It didn’t have an overpowering flavour, and the sweet natural taste of the coffee was tasty.

I will definitely be enjoying the rest of the Starbucks Holiday Blend!

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