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Better Late Than Never – McDonald's BTS Set and More!

Here in South Korea, BTS are pretty much national heroes. Their international fame and success, as well their dedication to hard work, make them one of the most popular and respected K-Pop groups in the country, and the world!

That’s why when McDonald’s teamed up to make the BTS Set (or meal) there was a lot of anticipation about what it would actually consist of. At first, the website for McDonald's just had a purple backdrop with the words “BTS Set” on it, without a lot of details.

When the announcement was finally made, it was a bit of a let down to be honest. It turns out the BTS Set is just 10 chicken nuggets, fries, a drink, and two dipping sauces, with the sauces recommended to be Cajun sauce and Sweet Chili sauce.

But I had to give it a try and see if the sauces really made a difference to the nuggets.

After getting to the local store, I saw that McDonald's was also selling their Triple Cheeseburger, and a new item, a Coffee milkshake! I decided that I would get one of each of those, as well as upgrading to wedge fries, as they were selling those also.

The order was a bit pricey at 14,000 won, and after I sat down to wait for the order.

It didn’t take too long, and I found an isolated corner of the restaurant to enjoy my food.

The order looked very impressive on the tray!

The first thing I tried was the wedge fries. Well, they were excellent as always, and much better than the regular McDonald’s fries. They were tasty with ketchup, and both of the dipping sauces that came with the nuggets.

Next, I tried out the Chicken nuggets. Actually, these tasted different than what I remember. They seemed to be a little crispier, and the coating had a slightly different flavor. I know that McDonald's is doing lots of work on chicken sandwiches and I wonder if that extends to the nuggets as well.

The chicken nuggets tasted really good with both sauces. I preferred the Cajun sauce as it had a bit more of a spicy kick to it, but the sweet chili sauce was also good as well. The Cajun sauce is a similar to a mustard sauce, and the sweet chili sauce is almost exactly the same as Thai sweet chili sauce you can buy in most grocery stores.

Next up, I tucked into the Triple Cheeseburger. This was really good! The cheese was nice and melted, and the meat to cheese ratio was excellent. It also comes dressed with the usual condiments for a McDonald's cheeseburger, namely ketchup, mustard, pickles, and diced onions.

By the end, it did feel like a bit too much meat and cheese, but overall it was very good! The bun was soft, the pickles crisp and tangy, and not too much onion to overwhelm the other flavors.

Finally, the Coffee shake. This was cool, creamy, and had a nice flavor like a sweet café latte! It was nice to have a little bit of a bitter coffee flavor mixed in with the sweetness of a shake, and I really enjoyed this, more than I did the Coke that came with the BTS set.

While the BTS set is a bit disappointing in that it isn’t more special, the nuggets and sauce both tasted fine. The promotion has been a huge success for McDonald's, so I wouldn’t be surprised if there are more cross promotions like this in the future here in South Korea, and around the world. I just hope that the next time the new items are a little more exotic!

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