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Approaching Autumn At Starbucks Korea

With summer nearly over, it is time once again for Starbucks Korea to roll out some new menu items and some new merchandise for people to enjoy and purchase.

Having just received a gift certificate from a family member for Starbucks, I figured I might as well try some of the new drinks, and maybe pick myself up something to use more frequently too.

The new promotion, entitled “Around Autumn, Around Us” features three new drinks. They are the Green Apple Chamomile Tea, the Black Glazed Latte, and the Walnut Black Tea Latte. I didn’t feel like trying all of them at once, so I decided to just get the first two.

After finally figuring out the gift certificate, I took a look at all the new tumblers and mugs that were on sale.

This is the one I chose, as the music theme really appealed to me, and I wanted to get a new cold drink container for takeout purchases.

The store was quite busy, as there were a lot of drive-thru orders as it was the first day of our big Thanksgiving holiday.

Finally my order was ready and I found a quiet place to enjoy the two drinks.

The first drink I tried was the Green Apple Chamomile Tea.

It had a nice green colour to it, and it is advertised as having local ingredients in it.

It actually comes with a slice of real apple! Even better, the apple was fresh and crispy!

The Green Apple Chamomile Tea had a really nice flavor to it. It was lightly sweet, with a nice blend of apple and chamomile flavor, which actually complimented reach other really well, and one was not overpowering the other.

Next, I tried the Black Glazed Latte, which is described as a type of Einspanner coffee with cream and a type of cheese flavor included.

This drink was hot, and as it was in a mug I couldn’t really see the layers, although it did look nice on the top.

The Black Glazed Latte was actually quite tasty, although very sweet. My previous experiences with Einspanner drinks have been much more on the bitter side, so this was quite unusual. In fact, there was very little of the coffee flavor to the drink, which was disappointing.

The Black Glazed Latte was creamy, and very easy to drink.

I enjoyed both of the drinks, and I found the Green Apple Chamomile Tea to be quite refreshing.

The Black Glazed Latte was tasty, but it was more like a dessert than a cup of coffee. If you are looking for an Einspanner coffee, there are definitely some better places to go, but if you want a sweet and mellow drink, the Black Glazed Latte might be perfect for you.

Starbucks Korea has made at least two new tasty drinks, and I can’t wait to use my new tumbler!

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