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Ahora Colombian Coffee from Café Liz

Recently, a friend of mine gave me a bag of coffee beans from a roasters in Gunsan here in Korea.

The roasters, Café Liz, has a number of different beans that they sell. In this case, the beans were called the Ahora, and they were 100% Colombian coffee beans.

The packaging for the Ahora coffee was very pretty, with a nice hand drawn image on the front along with an inspirational message.

When I opened the package, there was a very rich smell of coffee beans, and the beans smelled both earthy and fresh.

I put some of the beans in my new coffee grinder, and after a minute the beans were ready for the hot water.

Placing some in the filter, I added some hot water and the air was filled with a wonderful, deep coffee smell.

With great anticipation, I waited for the Ahora coffee to filter into my mug, so I could finally taste it.

After the whole ritual of making coffee, I was finally ready to take a sip of the Ahora coffee from Café Liz.

The Ahora coffee was very tasty! It had a light fruity flavour to it, with a hint of chocolate as well. The coffee left a really nice aftertaste and wasn’t bitter at all. There was a touch of acidity to the coffee, but not too much to be unpleasant.

I really enjoyed my Ahora coffee from Café Liz, and I am now very interested in traveling to Gunsan to be able to buy some of their other coffee beans and also try the coffee that they make in house.

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