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A Valentine’s Day Full of Heart From Papa John’s Pizza

Today is Valentine’s Day and love is in the air! It is always nice to be able to be close to someone you love, and even better when you have a chance to eat something that is special or unique with the person you have special feelings for.

That’s why when I noticed that Papa John’s Pizza here in South Korea was selling a very special heart-shaped pizza for just a few days during the Valentine’s period, I had to jump at the chance to try it.

Checking out their website, I saw that they were selling it online with three varieties to choose from. The type of pizza I decided to choose was the Super Papa’s, as it has a nice mix of both meat and vegetables.

Logging on to the website was a major challenge, as the site kept forgetting my ID. After finally being able to log in, I couldn’t find the coupon to get the special 30% discount that they were offering.

After a phone call to their customer service center, which was very helpful, I was finally able to place my order and then jumped in the car to go and pick it up.

After getting to the store, which is quite small with no real eat-in seating, I paid for the pizza as well as a bottle of cola, and then it was off to eat.

I guess that these days the company isn’t selling a lot of pizza because the food came in a special Christmas box, despite the fact that it’s been a month and a half since that special day. Kudos to the company though for not throwing them away and creating more waste. Plus, the box was very well designed!

I mean, just look at those cute elves making pizza!

When I got home, it was time to eat.

I unpacked everything, including my extra garlic dipping sauce, and took a look at the pizza.

It was indeed heart-shaped, and came on a thin crust. Around the outside of the pizza was a heart-shaped ring of sweet potato mousse that has become quite popular here in South Korea.

At long last, it was time to dig in!

The pizza toppings themselves were quite good, and the mixture of different meats and vegetables was well balanced. One thing that I do enjoy about Papa John’s here in South Korea is that the tomato sauce is not too sweet. It seems like a lot of companies here prefer to sell their pizzas with a very sweet sauce.

One thing that was interesting about the heart-shaped pizza is that the pieces are definitely not close to the same size! While this does happen on a regular pizza, it was much more pronounced on this one.

The pizza was tasty, and the crust was well cooked. The outside was nice and crispy which added a difference in texture to the rest of the crust.

The sweet potato mousse was also really good. Much like the sauce, many companies make their sweet potato mousse too sweet, but you could taste the real flavor of sweet potato in the Papa John’s topping.

Of course, for me, my favorite thing is the garlic dipping sauce. It has a nice flavor to it, and I find it really compliments the toppings and other flavors on the pizza.

The only negative I had was that the heart-shaped pizza only comes on thin crust. I would have preferred it on a thicker crust, mostly from a value standpoint. It’s hard not to feel hungry after eating this, especially when you are sharing it with a loved one.

A problem for me is that pizza is much more expensive here in South Korea compared to the USA or other countries. The heart-shaped pizza was over $20 US and that was after a 30% discount.

Overall, the taste was quite good for the heart-shaped Papa John’s Valentine’s Day pizza. I just which there had been a little more value for the price.

Happy Valentine's Day!

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