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A Twin Pairing – Maple Cream Chocolate and Icewine Cream Chocolate

Recently I received some nice gifts from Canada. Included in the package was two different types of chocolate bars. One was a Maple Cream filled milk chocolate bar, and the other was an Icewine Cream filled dark chocolate bar.

Now for me, I love both the products that are used to make the cream that goes in these chocolates. Maple syrup and other maple flavor products are very wonderful, and have a nice unique sweetness.

Icewine is also a fantastic dessert wine, and I have tried some from Canada that were amazing.

So, when I saw these two chocolate bars in my package, I was very excited to give them a try.

The two bars come in different colored packages, with the Icewine Cream being in a pretty red package, while the Maple Cream comes in a yellow package. There is a light maple leaf design on both of the wrappers, and putting them together made me think of the trees in autumn when they change colors.

Upon opening them, there are six squares of chocolate to each bar.

The Maple Cream chocolate has a nice light color to it, and it looks like the chocolate is very creamy and smooth.

The Icewine Cream chocolate is of course darker in color given the added cacao to the chocolate.

I took one square of each of the bars, and cut the square in half to get a good look at the cream that is inside.

There is a noticeable different in the color, with the maple cream being much easier to see.

The maple cream also looks much more substantial in the one that I cut.

Taking a bite of the Icewine Cream square, it was a little unsual. The smell of ice wine was very prevalent when I opened the package, but there wasn’t really a strong taste to the bar. It had a light alcohol taste to it, and the bitterness of the dark chocolate didn’t really blend well with the ice wine flavor.

Next, I tried the Maple Cream square. This also had a very strong scent when I opened the package, and while the taste wasn’t quite as strong as the smell, there was a definite maple flavor to this chocolate. The chocolate was also creamier than that of the Icewine Cream chocolate, and it was sweeter.

I definitely preferred the Maple Cream chocolate to the Icewine Cream chocolate. I found the Icewine to have a poor taste, but the Maple Cream chocolate was sweet, smooth, and with that lovely maple taste.

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